Certification reveals Galaxy S9 and S9+ fast charging capabilities

Peter, 23 January 2018

Certifications are painting a familiar picture of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, at least as far as the power supply is concerned. The Brazilian agency revealed that there will be no increase in capacity and now China’s 3C has detailed the fast charging support.

Which will be the same as on the current models – this means up to 15W of power (9V @ 1.67A). The SM-G960x models are the S9, the SM-G965x is the S9+, where the “x” designates the country (e.g. 0 is China, 8 is Taiwan).

3C certification reveals Galaxy S9 and S9+ fast charging capabilities

Anyway, this kind of 15W Adaptive Fast Charge dates back to at least the Galaxy S6 so there hasn’t been much progress made in that department. Wireless charging did improve in the meanwhile.



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Im waiting for not much of sales for S9, hopefully that will stop Sami from giving us a boring year. Lets hope it explodes

The s8+ has a 3500mah and the 6s plus has 2750mah.

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"QC is "proprietary", even though there is royalty payed, " This should read "QC is "proprietary", even though there is NO royalty paid, " QC is superior as in QC 3.0/QC4.0 compared to USB CP, but since USB is a "Standard", that is why Google is ...