alcatel OT-S853

alcatel OT-S853

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  • Knight Rider

You can try Alcatels partner in the US, contact them via otherwise I am affraid it is only available online.

  • Knight Rider

Good work Nelson!

  • Nelson

OK. Thanks Knight Rider.

The reset code for this model is ###847# => factory reset (with SIM). This code can be used in other model but in case this does not work (like the case of OT C552 where ###847# works but sometimes don't) just use ###337*07# => master reset (with SIM).

Just remember that before you reset, you must back-up your data stored in phone's memory like GPRS/MMS settings, diary, to do list, fm station settings, etc. Data stored in your sim card and memory card will remain as is so there's no need to take any or both of them out from your phone when resetting your it.

And for dusan, sorry but you really have to reset your phone.

  • dusan

hi buddys :)
One quick question. This unit stores entered words in its dictoniary. i clean this every week but two words cant be deleted or modified? what the hell is this? they are the passwords to my email accounts, what a pity yeahh? how can i remove this, but not with reseting phone. With this i lost my settings for everything and it took a looot of time to set up eveything properly. for example my operator was unable to set up MMS profile:) i did it by my self but remember it, thanx

  • matias

i try to conect bluetooth but y can`t

  • vanext

if we change the os...
can we also change the bluetooth settings?
it a shame we cant share files through BT connection...
if this phone can share through Bluetooth...
it we a real kickass phone...

  • Knight Rider

Nelson, for the sake of helping the people wanting to reset the phone. Please give us the reset code again.

  • Nelson

What connection you mean?

  • Anonymous

please i need help i can`t connect my alcatel 853 with a alcatel 701 somebody know why. can i update the software of the phone

  • Nelson

Just reset your phone and everything will work fine.

  • teebob

Hello please help me with my OTS853 ... i downloaded tones from the net i think my phone is infectd with a virus it keeps hangin up i can't even get through the boot image sometimes i am able to browse but later hangs up...pls give me info on how to change the OS of my phone where i can download it..thanks.

  • Knight Rider

The left speaker is not weaker... don't worry... it seems to you that it is because the right side has an additional hole compared to the left side... the extra hole is meant for listening to your caller when calling... and so releases more sound on the right side because of the extra hole...

  • ferdzi1

hey peeps.... got an extra battery in cebu E-mall RC cellfones @ PhP 632, it's best to have an extra batt to juice up your fone.

  • ferdz1

i have noticed that the left part of the speaker is somewhat weak and hizzy? eventhough speaker balance is always balance at the center setting, i just love to use the speaker than the headset becoz using the headset makes my headache after a couple of songs.

  • Knight Rider

I think the S920 is a nice phone, but it should not have been called an S model... they should have made it into a C model... C920 or someting. Though it is nice that it has added 3G support.

  • D

Knight rider exactly!! 920 is almost the same just with added umts/3g features. i saw the specs and i am disapoited. but lots of things are missing, edge support,Fm tuner etc. Honestly this is not unit suitable for year 2008! Alcatel needs really a brand new unit like other competitors got. until then we we can use their last great units like 735 (still rocks) 853 (great unit but have some issues:)

  • F a H a D

if any one know its price in USA in Dollars($) plzz let me know i want to buy this handset..
and one more thing to ask from the users of 853 howz the ringing sound quality of this set??

  • Knight Rider

This S920 is a new incarnation of the S853 with similar specs. Alcatel need to bring out a real high end model soon!!! Something far more high end than this.

  • Nelson

For Alcatel fans, there is an upcoming alcatel phone called OT S920. Just click this link for more details ==>>

  • ferdzi1

transcend mem card is ok, got no probs using this and it's PhP1,100 only here in cebu