alcatel OT-S853

alcatel OT-S853

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  • Shark

I think Alkatel is not paying you well or you haven't received your pay for last few months etc...... otherwise, any loyal company employee, no matter how bad the product is, won't bad mouth it, specially the one who got it for free. If you think there's something wrong than you should report it to your seniors who will forward it to proper dept to fix the problems. Please be careful next time before passing any negative comment about your own product. It makes you look bad as company is giving you a free phone and instead of helping your company to iprove it's product, you're bad mouthing it. :(
I'm surprised how come Alcatel is still existing in the market when they have employees like you :/

  • MPU

To zaz:

You must be reading the old manual. The 1 GB card works fine with newer versions of firmware like 183 or so.

  • zaz

hey does someone tried 1 GB miniSD card. Is it working fine? because in the manual writes that max is 512MB.

how do you take car of the phone? there goes dust in the speakers:(((

  • bartje

i ordert it now in belguim here it cost about 150 and you get a card with i think it's a very good phone for this price i let you know how he is when he comes in

  • Ashish

I got my phone over the weekend finally.

Its a BRILLIANT phone.. so totally loved it.

Had a bit of trouble making the IR talk to the PC but then i plugged the USB and did connectivity through that... fantastic speed.

LOVED the sound quality :-) its very very good.

  • MPU

Well, 4-5 days would be a huge amount of time for me, as I usually recharge it every evening. Sometimes it happens that my phone holds 2 days, but never more. Perhaps I use it too much :)

  • Knight Rider

It depends... how long you use the mp3 function, do you listen to the songs via 2.1 surround or through the headset and how loud you set the sound... I myself use the 2.1 quite often... and my guess is when you listen to music for like 30-60 min a day... the battery should last for 2 days. If you just occasionally use the mp3 player and listen for 5-15 minutes a day it should be 4-5 days... something like that.

  • battery life

gwhy, knightrider,

guys, how long does your battery last when playing with the mp3?


  • gwhy

I am also ALcatel employee. I did a FW upgrade for free in a certified shop, and since then life is perfect. no bug, no restart, 1Go mini SD, FM radio.... IPOD, you miss the phone !

  • Knight Rider

Patry: What are you on about?? The USB works fine here the mp3 is perfect, the zoom works (only on VGA resolution), so... its not as bad as you try to make it look... maybe you have a very early version, I myself am extremely pleased with it... everything works just fine now that the new firmware versions are out.

  • MPU

To OT boy:

Well, it's a harh version of a way to get a new firmware. I live in Lithuania. There is no other Alcatel 853 telephone in our country, at least that was in April. I had my phone sent back to France, as mine 169 firmware went down dead. So they had it refurbished it with the 183 one. Unfortunately, I do not know whether it is possible in Philippines.

  • OT boy

To MPU: Hello, where did you get your firmware version 183 installed? Is it now available in the Philippines?

  • OT-Boy

Yup, I agree. Just use a card reader, which is very cheap by the way at CD-R king. They have a 6 in 1 reader sold for P90 only. In that way you can also use the mini SD card as a usb flash drive and access files anywhere without having any incompatibility issues.

  • MPU

To Patry:

Cmon, UR scaring the new users. I don't use the USB connection as I don't think it is comfortable at all. All the files are being transfered via the card reader. Faster and more convenient. Besides, what's the use of that 8x digital zoom anyway?
My 183 firmware works just fine and I ain't regretting at all.

  • Gigel

Indeed the T710 launched in the asian stores.
Also 5 new models presented in Italy:,07,17,343746­9-1.htm

  • Patry

Hi buddies, I'm an Alcatel employee and I received this mobile for free, but I have to admit that it is very faulty. It cannot establish the USB connection, thus it's impossible to download/upload mp3, video or pix. A lot of mates of mine have the same problem...
Moreover, the camera zoom (8x) doesen't work.
Anyway it's good to receive calls!!

  • m.p.

one word 4 dis fone...GOD!

  • brodx

hi guys, check out this mob time cell phone manager;
downloaded the trial version and it communicates well with the phone. very fast connection though linked with infrared. now i seldom use the pc suite anymore. cheers..

  • Ali Pinoy

Am just wondering why GSMARENA did not publish here the ALCATEL OT T710. It has been available in the market two weeks ago. It is priced at 306 USD. Another top brands with features similar to this phone is priced at least 400 USD. You can visit this site for more information:­­

  • Azm

Alcatel OT710 is widely sold here in Malaysia
for price around USD290. It is placed as a smartphone with appearance like SE P900 series smartphone- with QVGA touch screen,
2mp cam with flash, Fm radio , T-flash memory card , but it missed out the Bluetooth + infrared and only using alcatel own OS. only usb left for connection. Details available in or