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alcatel OT-S853

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  • K Wong


maybe we can resolve our doubts about different versions of the S853 circulating by comparing the IMEISV (International Mobile Equipment Identity and Software Version) of our phones. You just need to enter *#06* on your phone to retrieve the IMEI.

Mine is the following:
356698 00 028276-5V Java 01001

The first six digits "356698" should be all the same with us, as it describes the TAC (Type Approval Code).

The "00" identifies the FAC (Final Assembly Code), which is basically the place of production

"028276" is the SNR (Serial Number) and should be different in our phones

The meaning of the "5" is not so clear to me, it used to be a spare but is also considered to be a check number, whatever that means.

"V Java 01001" is the SW version of the phone and maybe the most important information for us, as it could point out different version in our phones if it deviates from one phone to the other.

So what is your IMEISV?

K Wong

  • Eli

Well, i ordered this phone from Thailand, I really hope that it will work perfectly, and i sure hope that I won't be disopointed :)


  • THWS

Today I had to load the battery up - that was the second Load (since I had the phone). The first was on Wednesday.

But I think the power of the battery will get much higher...

(argh -.- my bad english XD)

  • Anonymous

This is great MPU :) Another question from me.. with one full charge and normal usage what time it holds on? I'm too much asking.. sry but a lot interested in the phone..=)

  • MPU

After several days of usage I got only one restart, when I was tuning the volume down with my remote control.
Actually it works more stable with Java than the 757. The 757 used to crash often when handling my java email client. This phone (853) does not crash and performs the commands correctly.

  • Knight Rider

The both speaker covers on either end are made out of rubber. So yeah it has rubber.

  • PcMan

Oh,i fogetten to ask the owners is there any rubber in the phone's body(as in w800) Because i like it in w800.. it's not so important but asking:)

  • PcMan

Yeas,great.. It's normal the converted video to be great on the phone because it have streaming video(this feature is only for EDGE,UMTS and above models)With one word - the expensive models,expect the s853.. Just amazing.. And it look like the new s853 with newer firmware have almost no soft problems.. great.. just to come in Bulgaria.. :P

  • THWS

This phone is wonderful!

Just I convert a video - the video is in a perfect quality on the phone!

Wonderful, only wonderful...

  • Chilliem

Well my phone seems to be perfect it only freezes one time while i was using the camera....but after that never again!

I bought it from

  • Marius

I'll buy two of them. Just waiting to get the hands on... here in Romania.

  • MPU

To Marius:

Yeah, would be nice to try communicating with another Alcatel. Only where to find it? There are only several phones available, scattered all around the world.

  • Eli

Cool, found 2 auctions on ebay.DE i hope they are willing to send it, also costs less than 300 Euros.

  • THWS

Oh - yes, that's a problem...

Maybe you should write a mail to Protel-Germany. Perhaps they will send it to to you...but I am not sure.

A few days ago, anyone has written here a link to a page with games and more specially for Alcatel-phones - did anyone know the link? I can't find it anymore...

The name was I think, but I am nut sure...

  • Eli

Problem is that I live in Israel, and they only one i can order is from ebay - thailand for $435.. i don't have a prob with the money, it's just the phone location, u said different versions floating around, i really don't wanna get the faulty one for that price.

  • THWS


I got my phone from

Perfect working!

  • Marius

I read in the previous posts that the Bluetooth cannot be used to connect the phone with the PC. Did anyone else tried to use to connect it to another phone? Maybe another Alcatel 853?

  • Eli

GUYS! I WANT THIS PHONE - Yet your posts (some) just scared me.. is it really so buggy? - where did you get the perfect working phones? also did anyone try 2GB miniSD? who knows maybe it supports that too..

  • MPU

Actually my phone has NOT performed any illegal operation yet. The worst thing it does - hangs up for 10 seconds at most. No shut downs, no nothing. Just smooth using. With some delays though.

  • THWS

Yes - that could be the Possibility why the phone was available so late in germany. Perhaps it is a newer firmware...