Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

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GSMARENA, at 12 Pro Max the wide camera has f/1,6, 7 element lens, 1,7 μm, 26 mm focal. This is the main difference from 12 Pro.

  • Ralts

Mulezi, 13 Oct 2020You really have no idea how much I hate the notch. I though... moreFor real I mean since the I phone x apple keeps the same notch I mean why cant they just try like a hole punch selfie cam or a pop up one

SShreyas, 14 Oct 2020Cheers. And for the sake of that paper only, Qualcomm wou... moreQualcomm already outperforming A13 in real world speed tests.
Besides, there is nothing in the iOS ecosystem to take advantage of powerful chip.

iOS Never Again, 13 Oct 2020My OP8 pro outperforms the IPhone 12 pro Max in every depar... moreCheers.
And for the sake of that paper only, Qualcomm would need 2 generations o to outperform A13 Bionic.

  • Anonymous

Why don’t Apple trying to replace Notch from there phones. They has to work on it. It’s really disappointing to see it again on iPhone 12 series.

  • nvd

no 120hz ? strange>>>>

Weight 228 grams


Humongoushhhh!! Notch :@

  • Priatosh

waiting for iphone13

Just hate that BIG NOTCH!! :@

HMHDM1999, 14 Oct 2020It have 5× time optically zoomWell I have 30 times optical Zoom.

No 3.5mm jack. No thanks. Bye...

  • suryanto

how about RAM iphone 12 pro max. apple not mention

  • Atiq

Whats new same design 😡

  • Qi

how much ram are there?

  • Mazhar

Why are the hiding battery 🔋 capacity like gow many mAh is this now???😎

  • Apple lover

Surely saying, I love apple and been using for a long but iphone 12 utter shit.

  • Anonymous

i dont like flat

  • Geek101

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2020458ppi is low quality?It's not the highest out there because obviously samsung keeps those screens for it's own devices, but its def well within flagship quality

It's battery capacity can be 2880 mAh.

  • Anonymous

No 120hz display? Why??