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  • Anonymous

hi there. i ve just bought , a couple days ago , a brand new Iphone.
from the beginning, im a Nokia user and i find attractive the Apple UI. despite of what others may think , its not a hard -to-work-with phone. in fact its quite easy.
my others phone are E 71 and N95 8gb, and believe me, i can work perfectly with all of them. E 71 for my bussiness, N 95 for pics and all the rest and Iphone for my fingers.
my friend has an Omnia - its such a pain in the back phone : blending some WinMo stuff and Iphonish shortcuts ( like those buttons ON/OFF ), but doing nothing properly. I think that Samsung had made a credo of killing Iphone at any costs, like every of their touch phone is a virtual Iphone killer.
now , back to my fingers : i love my Iphone, and the little and few things he is able to do. i can mms with my Nokias, take pics with my Nokias, work with my Nokias and carry all over the places my Iphone... yes , its like a toy, a perfect toy with plenty of style, wich , fortunately, can make a phone call.

so , in my oppinion, if you u want a perfect phone , get a Nokia , but if you want a perfect device , get a n Iphone... you will never get bored.

  • Marty

Hello all

The iphone is a fanastic phone havent come across any probelms apart from missing features eg mms which might be rectified in the future. the iphones screen is awesome the HTC Touch hd may have a bigger screen but the iphones screen is still way ahead eg the ability to see in sunlight.

I have owned an lg in the past it was crap and an o2 xda which had poor reception the iphone is a smartphone worth looking at

  • ian_72

hi... i need help in transfering my contact in my outlook to my iphone without lossing my contact in my iphone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2008ur sayin omnia, xperia, and HD r copying iphone??? lol bec... moreThe Apple Newton which started the whole PDA thing, in 1992, before companies like Palm or HTC even existed is where the iPhone has it's roots.

Now the thing that set's the iPhone apart is OSX, essentially a full desktop operating system installed on a mobile device.

A lot of people don't understand what that means, you only have to look to the App store or at what is being done with jailbroken iPhone's to get some idea of the potential.

It's marketers and the media who continuously come out with the iPhone killer tag.

HTC, SonyEricsson, Samsung and others may try to dress up WinMo but at it's heart it essentially hasn't changed since CE, based on a poorly implemented stripped down version of Windows 98.

RIM came out with the Storm (in a teacup) based on flash and Java, go check it out all you'll see is people complaining about software issues.

Symbian is probably the biggest threat but that is mainly due to the marketing power of Nokia, Symbian is getting a bit long in the tooth and also has it's limitations, maybe the new Open Source implementation will lead to further innovation..

The main area of contention with all the competitors is poor memory management a phone that multitasks sounds like a good idea until it crashes when a call comes in.

  • Anonymous

ViL, 01 Dec 2008none of us asking whether u're gonna buy this or HD.. keep... moreur sayin omnia, xperia, and HD r copying iphone???
lol because they hv a touchscreen and v few buttons? news 4 u, touchscreens that looked like iphone were around a long time b4 iphone and in fact iphone has copied others too. happens all the time in phone industry. eg: slide to unlock and sweeping gestures to scroll thru menus comes from a small company called neonode back in 2002 (NOT apple).
i agree iphone is a good phone but its the media that builds up the iphone so its only natural that they compare it to most other phones and say why it better.
ill probably get iphone 3g soon (hvin used iphone, but it was not available in europe). but i can also understand what most others r saying: no video recording, useless bluetooth, no mms... i wud hv liked those features. it wudnt b so hard for apple to add them, so y dont they?

  • therock

what's funny is iphone lovers are still commenting that the iphone is ahead and other cell phone companies are behind. the innov8,lg renoir, SE's 8 Megapixels, even the nokia tube, are far more advanced than the iphone.

other cell phone companies such as nokia waited to launch a touchscreen phone because simply as always the focus is a feature packed touchscreen phone. nokia, samsung, lg, htc,.. etc... tend to make their phones feature packed.

dont get me wrong! the iphone has a brilliant interface and that is what makes it UNIQUE, but feature wise it is still way behind than nokia, SE, HTC, LG. Motorola is even building a a feature packed touchscreen phone to try to catch up.For the third iphone, I hope apple really upgrades it and change the design to make it more of an ALL-Around

  • Anonymous

Jorge (México), 01 Dec 2008Love design, but I can´t send/receive MMS, bluetooth can´t ... moreHaven't you ever heard of email?

Attach a photo and send it, it's cheaper than MMS, you don't have to be in the same place like bluetooth.

  • Jorge (México)

Love design, but I can´t send/receive MMS, bluetooth can´t send/receive photos, I think Apple need check software and specifications...

  • Anonymous

if you are slagging the iphone off then all i can say is.......

you probably cant afford it or you have not tried it...

I-phone is the best. try it and you will love it.

people who are going to buy the HD. you will be sorry

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

There is a software colled PhoneView (19.95 $)to use Iphone as hdd without jailbreak

  • eddy

CR, 30 Nov 2008this is one of the worst phones i've ever owned.... 1. B... morenot everything in it tunes
you can transfer photos from the computer to the photos program in my computer

plus what are you bragging on about...
what about lets say a nokia! dont you have to manage files using nokia pc suite

  • Anonymous

dada, 01 Dec 2008I want to ask about : Are iphone 3G occurs only in vodafon... moreWel who knows what do you mean????????????????

  • dada

I want to ask about :
Are iphone 3G occurs only in vodafone and mobinil not in apple iphone?

  • Anonymous

Any way what is the point to post here about other phones and tell us that those are much beter then IPHONE. Why dont you go to appropriate
forum and say thay you love that phone instead sayng how much you hate IPHONE...............

  • Anonymous

ViL, 01 Dec 2008none of us asking whether u're gonna buy this or HD.. keep... moreYes how can you kill sonthing that is already dead according to those guys that complanes about the IPHONE.
No one is talking about killing Experia of OMNIA why not if those are so fabullies ................

  • ViL

Rox, 01 Dec 2008iphone. no MMS no blue tooth sharing no video calls? So why... morenone of us asking whether u're gonna buy this or HD..
keep it for your self..

i just hope you dont mind restarting your phone in the future because its freezes..
good luck with your choice then..

for people who complains and compares iPhone to other phone,, if the iphone is really really bad and stupid like u says why companies bother trying to makes gadgets they called "iPhone Killer" which has been out for some times and still developing it??

if iPhone is that sux why even Nokia bother releases tube, samsung omnia, sony with their x1, google android, and worst HD with bunch of "iPhone killer" but haven't been really successful in their attempt to kill this lousy phone i think??

i hope the HD "CAN" really kills the Iphone..

u guys knows why other developers even RIM try to makes phone to kill iPhone??
coz they know the capabilities and abilities of this phone to develop in the future..

wake up guys.. with these things all other companies actually agree and see the threat apple has bring to them through the iPhone..

im not saying this is the best phone i'm saying that if the phone is really that bad why they bother making competitors for iPhone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970All phones are pieces of crap, none of them is perfect.

You boost performance, people will whine that the battery is no good.

Install too many features and it grinds to a halt.

Install not enough features and people whine that it is a piece of crap.

Pick whatever is best to suit your needs, I'm happy with my piece of crap it exceeds my expectations in the way I use a phone.

It is pleasurable to use.

  • Anonymous

Rox, 01 Dec 2008iphone. no MMS no blue tooth sharing no video calls? So why... moreYou shouldn't, no one is forcing you to, you are free to buy whatever piece of crap you like.

I suggest you install Coreplayer on the HTC, it's better than the media player it's supplied with.

There is no perfect device.

  • Rox

iphone. no MMS no blue tooth sharing no video calls? So why the hell should I buy this piece of crap? I'm going for HTC HD. If the iphone had all the right fetures then it would be the best phone ever. But no it is just too half ass for me.