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  • Vibey

Hi everyone. Firstly, in my opinion. The Iphone is a beautiful, well oiled machine. It lacks in various areas, unfortunately but it remains a gr8 phone :) i've tried it and it's awesome. It's not for me tho, for it has no video calling, no HSDPA and limited functionality as far as bluetooth and multitasking go but that's my opinion for my needs :) it doesn't make it a bad phone at all. Individual preference ppl. Same goes for the much hyped Omnia, which is my first option to get next month, N95 or N96, Htc touch diamond, the xperia etc. All marvellous phones and best choose that which is suited to you. I slammed and bad mouthed samsung to the grave cause personal reasons lol but in the end, they made a phone which caught my eye, the omnia or F480. So pls, all phones are unique but not without flaws. Iphone rocks!!. . just omnia rocks for me :) peace all

  • Anonymous

ViL, 15 Oct 2008not if u use it at moderate rate, anyway i was using my frien... moreAgain, I do have an Iphone 3g. I got bored with it, so I bought an n95 because of the all-around entertainment it can (able to use it day and NIGHT), internet, music, email, etc...etc. The powerful flash on a camera phone is a MUST for me.

  • therock

ViL, 15 Oct 2008not if u use it at moderate rate, anyway i was using my frien... moreAgain, the iphone is not the best phone in the market, but a decent one. The only way it will be the best of the best is with this equation: missing features + upgraded camera with a powerful flash + the large screen and features it already has = one sweet apple.

You worship the iphone too much! You even compare it to different high end phones too much (such as htc touch pro, omnia, n95, etc..etc...which in my opinion are better than the iphone). That shows that you have nothing better to do. No phone is perfect. Every phone has a flaw.

I guess you must love them apples: green apples, red apples, sweet apples, sour apples, snow white eating a cursed red

I agree with "Problems"..the person that stated iphone targets the teenagers and kids. The iphone is one of the prizes to my co-worker's son's fundraiser.

  • IS

Iphone same as Itouch is cool. It is not small at all but I like the applications you can put. I like the touch but it is not easy to write sms.

  • Mr. Blake.

This phone (Which i had... and returned..) distinctly reminds me of a Child's toy laptop. It screams metrOsexual. Like i would subtley lOok forward to using it after my tRi-weekly manicure. I think ill go buy a Real phone now. With Actual Business and Overall functionality. Goodbye. ;/

  • Problems

Vall, 14 Oct 2008apple iphone loooks nice....but still no videorecordi... moreiPhone 3G is a music phone and I have no objections to that. Weather and stocks are fine.
Other than that, there's room for improvements.

iPhone 3G is the best music phone in the market, but not an "overall" phone. Its just so over-rated. This tends to appeal more to teenagers rather than business / working people. Music and games integration in the iPhone 3G meant that Apple is gearing towards attracting the teenager's attention.

  • Problems

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970I don't really bother which is better.
What concerns me now is that you are posting up some feed link which isn't relevant here.

  • ViL

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970not if u use it at moderate rate,

anyway i was using my friend's pro at school today and what surprise me at first i play with it the touch screen is sux,,
if u never use iphone u'll think it rox but try iphone's and see the difference...

after a while it lags a lot,, VERY lags,,

and after a while it gets hangs up ==

wth it surprised me since everyone says pro is powerful, i personally likes the cinematic weather forecast no matter how much i saw it be4 it just so nice,,

but what a pitty that it lags, slow and hangs...

this is a review 4 people compare pro and iPhone,,

pro might has some features but its still not as good as iphone..

  • Vall

apple iphone loooks nice....but still no videorecording.......why????? call duration in call log ...yes a good zip and rar that means that you can,t transfer somethink archived from your computer ......not that u can transferr somethink from your computer,,,,,,in special music so yes is a nice phone,,,,,expensive .glamour but very useful.....

  • Anonymous

In fact I really love what I see and cant wait to see It,

  • Anonymous

If I don't use it much it will easily last 2-3 days.

HSDPA has a massive hit on battery life, on ANY phone, battery life will continue to be an issue as Internet speeds get faster.

That's just the way it is and will continue to be until fuel cells come along.

  • uae

is that true that apple going to unlock all there phones ???

  • mark

ViL, 14 Oct 2008my iphone can hold its life up to 2,5-3 days daily usage any com... more2.5-3 days for iphone. Thats a bunch of bull.

  • Haithm

Do you think guys that iphone 3G is the best phone or Nokia E71 we aren't talking about Htc?

please any one advise.
Many Thanks

  • ViL

Problems, 13 Oct 2008Let's list out the arguments: ---------------------------------... moremy iphone can hold its life up to 2,5-3 days daily usage any comment?
how long can your n95 live in daily usage?

  • Apple

santangelo, 14 Oct 2008N95 8GB or iphone 3G? They're the same price for me! Which one s... moreif u like slide fone then u could buy n95, but i tell u iphone is the worlds best!!!
Itz an ipod + phone...

  • 50

Iphone Hitz the world!!!
itz the best!!!

  • santangelo

N95 8GB or iphone 3G? They're the same price for me! Which one should I pick? I'm not a heavy internet/email over phone user and would mainly use the phone for music & camera. Someone help me decide, please!

  • Anonymous

I-Guy's I-Phone, 13 Oct 2008I got it for almost two weeks. Music is not played smoothly (Has... moreHave you checked for update and tried a phone restore in iTunes?

Try that first if it's still not working properly take it back.

  • Anonymous

sms, 13 Oct 2008it is not a matter of whether you need a 5 mp camera, it is a ma... more"I took some pictures and video while having dinner with my friends in a restaurant, they asked me to transfer the file to them right away so they can view the video and pictures instantly.This was done right at that moment. Don't just say you don't use it when you don't have it. This is not an excuse. This is a must to be considered a good phone."

...and I used my iPhone to take photos of a party, uploaded 45 pictures to Facebook and emailed the link to 25 friends.

Instant, sharing I'm glad you agree the iPhone is a good phone.