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  • Anonymous

reviews and consumer reports have found the fundamental antena faults with the iphone 4 never mind the other suspect items like screen cracking and proximity sensor,a recall is about to happen:­dware-recall-is-inevitable/50565

will apple continue to deny its obvious complacency and lack of respect for its drooling drones or continue production knowing fanboys have a fickle grip on their cash no matter what the faults?

either way 1.5 million phones need to be recalled and all those in post production since those were sold and just waiting for selling must be cancelled end result for apple is not good to the value of over a billion dollars:­er~y2010m7d14-iPhone-4-recall-could-cost-15-bill­ion?cid=channel-rss-Gadgets_and_Tech&utm_sou­rce=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_c­ampaign=MM&utm_term=Empowered+Brand+Builders­,+Inc&utm_content=social+marketing

either way its their own fault,over complacency,overly controlling,using cheaper internal materials and charging extraordinary prices form fanboys,its bites you in the ass some times

  • Karl

[deleted post]I prefer not only Oranges but also WAVE to apple, at least I can surf on the Wave and most importantly make phone call while holding it with your left hand or any hands. What a joke ! I have seen myself the reception drops to zero bar as soon as hold with left hand!!

  • Sam

did you know you can potentially sue apple for reception problem, if you don't receive your emergency calls due to lack of antena?apple tells you this is a software issue and it has now proven its not the case, if you experience any problem regarding not receving calls while you hold your handset with your left hand you should ask for compnsation and your full money back, please read:­dware-recall-is-inevitable/50565

  • Anonymous

Tommy, 14 Jul 2010I agree with you and I respect that, I think iphone 4 is no re... moreActually nothing wrong with sticking with your 3GS. That's a very good phone. One can't expect to change phones every year.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2010dont spend all your cash its about to get an entire recall ht... moreLol no need to get excited, that is just an opinion by outsiders. Everyone is jumping on the issue as it is easy to get a lot of publicity with this topic.

  • signalius

i hope apple already fixed the signal issue on this phone! tsk tsk

  • Foxbaker

Great design yeah but again apple brainwashing shit for Apple goat fags . They didnt get Oleds from Samsung so the must use that LCD shit again LMAO ! Priceless ...

  • Tommy

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2010Its called personal choice. Some people go for the latest te... moreI agree with you and I respect that,
I think iphone 4 is no revoloution in terms of technology at all, it was far ahead of game 3 years ago, 3gs was a big success, I loved it myself, but now I am aksing what more I am getting by tie myself to 2 years contract from iphone 4 , is anything hugly different? NO , its not. only few things being added which in most smart phone out there is quite an standard, why apple couldn't wait and not be gredy and release something far better than anything in the market, may be in 2011-or 2012. Why they didn't even bother to check this problem with reception which is with every single handset you buy anywhere, why should I hold the phone in specific way to be able to use and make and recieve a call? this is a big embaressment, and step back, don't you think so?

Lets be impartial I am just puzzle what this phone can offer me which is vastly different to 3gs (I am not comparing to any other brend just apple itself).

so the conclusion for me is, they have faild and failed badly, I was a iphone fan but not anymore, i stick with my 3gs and upgrade to something else than iphone 4, many many heavy wieght out there by far over perform over apple!!

again I just shared my opinioun with all, and I wish all the user most enjoyable experience of using the iphone 4, of course good luck if you are left handed!!.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2010Yup AED7900 at Tarsam! You can order it for AED3499 on Emirat... moredont spend all your cash its about to get an entire recall­dware-recall-is-inevitable/50565

  • a

My iphone 4 has no issues at all, and I guarntee that (touch wood)

  • Anonymous

shaju, 14 Jul 2010this thing is damn expensive in u a eYup AED7900 at Tarsam!

You can order it for AED3499 on Emirates Avenue though. Not exactly cheap, but best price for now, until Etisalat or du bring it in officially.

  • shaju

this thing is damn expensive in u a e

  • Anonymous

its funny really,if any other product,electronic,vehicle, mechanical or other wise and as many faults there would be outrage and massive recalls ala toyota style but apple does certainly have its fanboy base down under its tight control and knows it,they'd never have got away with this otherwise,especially knowing the reception fault prior to release and putting a big push on its 'bumper' cases in the iphone 4 unveiling,very coincidently the very device need to rectify its design faults.

  • shark

For someone like me who loves style and technology,(3dTV,HD camcorders,digital cameras, PC, etc...) iphone 4 is the best phone out right now. It's small, compact, and have really cool apps. The specs are really advances compare to all the other phones that size.

  • envy-2-whiteip4

i hope that late release of white iphone 4 surely free of reception issue. they have lots of time to make changes such as change antenna position or fix that hardware issue.. if yes, i'm surely be apple fan again. ^.^

  • X

hi all
when will the WHITE iphone 4 be available?

  • SA

jack!, 14 Jul 2010I must agree Apple is so loyal to their clients, that they belie... morehi jack

Pls detail the cons of the phone... There has been too much of a hype becuz of this iphone but i believe something that SEEMS to good to be true normally is.


  • Anonymous

Spencer where was ur brain ?? R u high my friend

  • wahab

i have this designed .... :@
previous designs was awsum...

  • Maria

Great Design! Again!