Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Apple iPhone 6s Plus

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  • ios expert

AnonD-595263, 24 Feb 2017Hi guys I'm totally confused.which mobile is best iphone 6s... moresurely iphone 7 plus will be better then iphone 6s plus because it features the same specification as iphone 6s plus and you getting some more like dual cam more ram better performance in iphone 7 plus .

  • virus

necrofear98, 23 Feb 2017The apps are amazing, this phone was disappointing. The bra... moreOf coarse ip7plus. Its dual 12mp compare to 12mp. What a big difference...

  • AnonD-595263

Hi guys I'm totally confused.which mobile is best iphone 6s plus or iPhone 7 plus pls help me guys I need gud camera.which device is gud for camera 6s plus or 7 plus pls help me guys

  • necrofear98

The apps are amazing, this phone was disappointing. The brand usually puts out great hardware to work with its software. I also have the iphone 7 and i think it's much better than this particular model of phone.

  • kitty

I have been told by a lot of my friends not to get the IPhone 7, as its rubbish but to get the IPhone 6 Plus instead which I received on 15th but I have to admit I was very disappointed and quite cross as whenever I wanted to make calls or I was receiving calls it would hang up and then I would hear music from my I Tunes (which was annoying)

So I requested a replacement which I had received the next day, only to find out that the replacement phone was having the same issues which I was very disappointed as now I will be spending this phone back and cancelling my contact and look for another phone that will be reliable

  • Kd

Iphone 6s plus 138 gb is d best phone i've evr used

  • ami

recently i bought 6 s plus,its just waist of money,android is much more better even if you will put half money of iphone..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2017on is way booon it's way

  • Anonymous

mike, 17 Jan 2017i want iphone 8. is this phone coming yet? on is way boo

  • robin

which is better?6s or 6s plus?and why?


Why u ppl choose iphone;; total restricted os;; i used galaxy note 2 previously- than bought iphone got a iphone 6s plus as a gift.
But true to say i enjoy android, its convenient.
With iPhone i cant use otg; iTunes sync is hazardous.
I want to get rid of iphone.High end android are lag free.
Waiting for Nokia android with xenon flash

  • Anonymous

Unfortunately tis smartphone, has not radio, card slot (this make confuse to buyer to chose which is 16Gb or more), and the cassing colourvis too feminim, the baterry should be at least 2500-3000 minimum.

  • jack

hitler'sbreastmilk, 06 Feb 2017Guys, which one is better? The iPhone 6s or the 6 Plus? Thanks.6s

  • Sthe

Raja , 24 Jan 2017Can anyone help me I want to buy a new iphone this iphone 6... moreYou'll never ever regret about ip6s plus....still tops!!

  • hitler'sbreastmilk

Guys, which one is better? The iPhone 6s or the 6 Plus? Thanks.

  • AnonD-642111

Iphone brand will someday be defeated by myphone brand :D

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2017Help!!! Should I get ip6s or ips6plus? Hlo
Have a 6s

  • Chamara

My iphone 6+ finger print and front cam not working with updating to ios 10.
what this problem.
Help me please.

  • AnonD-638894

I got an iphone 6s plus ready to go , still brand new factory unblocked to any carrier 64gb of space and do reach me via 707.238.5532 via text or call for more pics should in case you interested (and also come along with all accessories)

  • sam

compare the cpu and gpu performance of both iphone and samsung mobiles.U will get an idea of which phone is better. Iphone is just not a phone its an IPHONE.............