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  • Poco loco

NoteEdgeUser, 03 Aug 2019CPU and GPU of your S10 Plus are about a generation behind XS Ma... moreWho the heck uses his smartphone for 5- 6 years? Three years is more than enough for the updates, S10 plus has the best screen on a smartphone, better battery life, a more versatile camera and why would you care about the chipset if you don't play heavy games? And that generation behind argument is not valid anymore because even midrange smartphones can do everyday tasks with ease and that powerful A12 bionic isn't on par with the pathetic battery life and the slow charger that comes in the box, sorry but Apple isn't on top since Steve Jobs died and that's a fact.

  • Anonymous

As usual comments,superiority complex among the users of adroid and ios.

Oo7vet, 31 Jul 2019The specs, speed, quality, resolution, performace, battery capac... moreCPU and GPU of your S10 Plus are about a generation behind XS Max, and the OS is a bloated and fragmented mess.

I know for a fact my XS Max will get updates for the next 5-6years, but your messy S10 Plus will probably be getting late Security updates by early next year when Samsung begin to forget it, lol.

I don’t play PUBG, I do actual work with my phone and iPhones still have the fastest Notifications in the business thanks to the dedicated Notifications Server Apple setup to ensure we even get GMail emails before an Android.

Let’s not forget that Security updates and OS updates on iPhones land on THE SAME DAY on EVERY model supported, every single XS Max gets the updates on THE SAME DAY, your messy Galaxy S10 Plus has so many variants that it can take up to 6 months for some variants to get updates, LOL, it’s pathetic.

  • Anonymous

I have the s10+ 1tb 12gb ram ceramic & my wife 512gb iphone xs max both have their pros & few cons.. camera is good most of the times in her iphone & better few times in samsung some times depending on lower light or colorful day bright i mean ya but s10+ 1tb 12gb beats iphone there is no lag at all, internet is way faster, xs max does lag compared to it trust me i have like over 500 gb loaded in my s10+ with music games and movies apps i mean its so so smooth i have dual instagram whatsapp etc accounts business and personal i mean xs max cant take this load
So when people compare on youtube and these companies dont believe them at all
Tell them to fill the phone storage above 90 percent then see how xs max fails, all they show is keep phone besides each other and open apps and show oh look xs max is fast haha
Dont believe me whatsapp chat storage when reaches 200gb in xs max it will fail miserably

  • Ravi

dhurbathapa44, 01 Aug 2019i don't like iphone don't mind. and don't dare to compare with s... moreThen what are you doing here??

  • CCE

dhurbathapa44, 01 Aug 2019i don't like iphone don't mind. and don't dare to compare with s... moreWhat do you expect, when Steve died the iPhone died with him!

  • Colombianboy

Which IPhone would you like to Purchase between XS or XR

  • ColombianBoy

I would like to purchase this Iphone XS Max but also I want to Purchase an Apple watch I would like to now if I can use this devices with an E-Sim card.

  • heyhuy

dhurbathapa44, 01 Aug 2019i don't like iphone don't mind. and don't dare to compare with s... morePeople who buys Samsung phones are always hating on iphone users. If you truly believe you bought the best phone than be satisfied with your purchase and stop the hating. Just face it, the iphone is THE phone. Plus IOS 13 will make the iphone up to 50% faster. And Samsung video and sound are not as good as the iphone XS Max.

Samsung S10 owners feel the need to promote their phone every chance they get while spending hours hating on the new iphones. If your S10 is truly the best than why are you here? Why do you feel the need to keep saying it? At the end of the day if Samsung, Apple or any other smartphone company is not paying you then you are just wasting your time.

Tamer, 01 Aug 2019Still, all those humongous hardware, and in 1 year your Samsung ... morei don't like iphone don't mind. and don't dare to compare with s10+ please.
1. your iphone is using amoled screeen manufactured by samsung , that proof Samsung s10+ has better display compare to your iphone.
2. we have headphone jack, no need to carry additional extra dongle like iphone user need.
3. price much way cheap than iphone, performance was almost the same no issue as getting security update and android update every-time.
4. camera don't dare to comprae with s10+ you know it why.
5.battery massive 41000 mah, can last more than a day with single charge.
6. after sales service and cost way more cheap compare to iphone, my friend who is using xs max accidentally doped and break the back glass still couldn't afford to replcae due to expensive cost :D
7. can use additional memory card upto 1tb :D, and can use dual simacrd omg, you still compare with your iphone i had lot more :D :D

  • Tamer

Oo7vet, 31 Jul 2019The specs, speed, quality, resolution, performace, battery capac... moreStill, all those humongous hardware, and in 1 year your Samsung will throttle and leak its godly hardware at 70% performance, haha. Research more about it, kid. Stop comparing phones based on "PUBG performance". Buy a damn PC/console and play your video games. iOS is far more superior than any other OS (open-source or not). This ecosystem is built with customers in mind.

Wanna bet my iPhone XS MAX will clean the floor with your Samsung s10+ in ~1year, playing PUBG?

  • Oo7vet

NoteEdgeUser, 12 Jul 2019The iPhone XS Max is guaranteed to get Security updates and OS u... moreThe specs, speed, quality, resolution, performace, battery capacity, battery life, os usability, os customizability, user friendlyness, screen quality, camera quantity, camera quality, ram, storage space, cpu and gpu are all way superior on the S10 plus. And you get a real headphone jack not needing an external $50 dongle. And you have an actual memory card slot to extend your storage beyond the 1TB internal space. 12 GB of ram on the s10 plus vs only 4GB of ram on the iphone xs max. And then there is real world performance.. playing PUBG on the s10 plus with all details maxed out in game and on phone settings gets you a liquid smooth PC quality 60+ fps. But on the iphone at the same game settings, you get random lag spikes and constant lag spike on swiping to turn your view.

  • meme

IP68 dust/water resistant (up to 2m for 30 mins)------NEVER....maybe just on paper...liar liar..liar:))))))

Google security researchers have found six critical flaws with iMessage that can compromise the user's phone without him even interacting with the device. These vulnerabilities fall into the "interactionless" category. Luckily, five of them have been patched with the iOS 12.4 update.Four of the vulnerabilities require the attacker to send an executable code on iMessage and once the victim opens the message, the code will run. The other two are memory exploits.

As of now, five of them are fixed while the last one remains a secret until Apple patches it. We strongly recommend updating to iOS 12.4 if you haven't already. Good thing that security researches took a hold of the vulnerabilities before anyone else because as ZDNet reports, some will pay millions to use the exploits before Apple is able to patch them.­-disclose-vulnerabilities-for-interactionless-io­s-attacks/

  • Anonymous

Read the issues.. still bought xs max latest manufactured unit make is good but yes its true about the modem 4g and wifi is slow this is very poor from apple & so i now traded to have the s10 plus 1tb 12gb ram modem those who are talking about comparison this model is years ahead it has no competition right now perfect balance phone compared to any phone, the s10 plus even 512gb 8gb may be ok but those purchasing 12gb ram 1tb storage s10 plus its so so fast & no issues at all and i say fastest till date in anything and maybe different hardware from other samsung s10s so everyone give it a try please even iphone users as i am since 6 years switched and am happy

AudriusDir, 19 Jun 2019S10+ number 1!Yes it is but within the Samsung phone Series.
Iphone XS Max number 1 in the iPhone X series.

  • b@b@k46

Tan, 07 Jul 2019Well if your looking for a fast Smart Phone, no doubt that Iphon... moreI think Note 9 is like a toy versus xs max.

  • XSMAXUser

Bloodworth, 07 Jul 2019Hi guys, so I'm caught between choosing the iPhone XS max and th... moreGet the \note. mine is so laggy

  • b@b@k46

Ramen, 06 Jul 2019My Phone iPhone XS Max When I Talk, Call drop is done, I did not... moreYou should buy a single sim iphone xs max (lla part number) for solving this problem.I had twin sim before and had call drop & missing antenna ,but after buying a single sim ,i don’t have any problem.

  • Trq Hsn

Gabyphoto, 12 Jul 2019Yes , Xs Max is a very fast phone , just like 8+ and X , but the... moreExactly my words!! I had same issues of call drops frequently. Tried all the resets and what not. But no improvement. So finally I sold my XS Max and got a Pixel 3 XL. SO far no issues of call drops and signal drop. But Apple seems to overlook this problem despite lot of complaints.