ARM will work with Huawei again, decides its technology is of UK origin after all

George, 26 October 2019

British chipmaker ARM has stated that it will resume supplying chip technology to Huawei after having cut off ties with the Chinese company in May as a result of the US-China trade conflict. ARM has deemed its technologies to be of UK origin and as such supplying them to Huawei wouldn't be a breach of the US sanctions.

Huawei's subsidiary HiSilicon, which designs the chipsets for company's smartphones, uses ARM blueprints as a base for its designs. ARM's v8-A architecture and its next generation aren't of US origin, the company has stated, hence the US restrictions don't apply.

ARM will work with Huawei again, decides its technology is of UK origin

The US-China trade dispute appeared to hit Huawei hard, denying the company the ability to work with US suppliers, although the initial, severely limiting terms were later relaxed and a month ago, Qualcomm resumed business with Huawei. With ARM back on board now, it looks like Huawei's chip future is brightening up.

Our Mate 30 Pro still has no Google Play Services support, however, so maybe try to address that next?



Reader comments

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab
  • 16 Nov 2019
  • nrX

Risc-V is gonna be the kick that ends ARM & x86/64 the world needs it to end this sick 2 manufacturer system on PC and improve competition against ARMs monopoly in everything else...

RISC-V is the future, but you must live past the present to reach the future. It's a good long term investment, but short term investment is what makes a company stay alive. A lot of companies have been looking at it, Huawei is no exception, it's jus...

ARM does not manufacture, it licenses designs. And it is now Japanese owned. ARM is not the first, and will not be the last, company to divest itself of US content in its technology. Trump has made the US a dangerous, unreliable business partner, a...

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