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  • z
  • zugidor
  • 6v0
  • 06 Jan 2022

Surprised to see people with so many complaints about the phone. I guess I'm lucky I haven't had any problems. I have noticed it likes to heat up during heavy games and charging, so I make sure to enable steady charging and a 90% charging limit, so maybe that helps, idk. If anyone's wondering, I have a Tencent version with Global firmware/software, bought for a sweet price on aliexpress. Only thing is that mine doesn't update automatically, so I have to do manual firmware/system updates whenever I remember, but it's easy to do so idm.

It is a fragile phone, I'll admit, but just don't sit on it and don't drop it into a swimming pool and you'll be fine. No waterproofing and a two-part battery really isn't a big deal.
I absolutely love all the gaming features included and having two charging ports and a headphone jack on a flagship phone is amazing, so it's definitely my favourite phone I've had so far.

    Game Over, 03 Jan 2022My worst purchase ever. Totally disappointed buying this ph... moreI almost bought it... than I read more after ordering and I deleted my order, one of my besz decisions

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      • Game Over
      • tVs
      • 03 Jan 2022

      My worst purchase ever. Totally disappointed buying this phone ROG5. First my phone not able to turn on just within 1 month of buying the phone. Sent to Service Center and they had to replace the motherboard. Secondly, fingerprint issues, it is not recognizing. No matter how many time u register, it will always show fingerprint not recognize when u use it. I end up disable the fingerprint option. And now my SIM is not detecting... Totally frustrated with this phone. Humble request to whoever reading this comment, please DON'T BUY this phone and dont listen to youtube reviews. It is totally waste of money.

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        • notlocalhorst
        • yJt
        • 01 Jan 2022

        It just died. Dead after some month, as other mentioned. I'm somehow relieved to have now a solid argument to buy a new phone. I loved the 2 USB ports, all phones should have that. The reasons i bought this: headphone jack and no fscking hole in the display.

        And that is all positive i have to say.

        - the fingerprint scanner is crap. Slow, unreliable, ever heard of screen protectors?
        - it overheats using the camera. You can't record 4k for a longer time. Is this a joke? I had to use my old note9 for that ...
        - great idea to put the power button below the volume rocker. Did anyone tried this before production?
        - 2020 and the phone has no water protection
        - 2020 and the phone has no wireless charging

        Lets find out how good the Asus support is ... sigh

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          • DAWA
          • XSL
          • 28 Dec 2021

          never ever buy this phone. waste of money. i brought this phone for gaming and streaming purpose but only after 6 months of purchase the phone is dead. completely dead no sign of charge, nothing. its a funny thing that asus is frau ding customers very openly. they know that the product is broken but then they are selling this phone just to increase their yearly turnover. i suggest all the rog users not to buy any of this phone series. all of them are broken. if not dead, other problems like no wifi connection or ghost touch or rise in temperature. please note that this is not the gaming phone you want in your hand, this is just waste of money.

            i think this phone series was broken / failed product... so many people who bought this Rog5 has problems with sudden death, simcard failed to connect, hotspot cant be active, wifi cannot cannot..
            ASUS should pull this product and refunds the customers, because they sell failed product.

            I will change my gaming phone to RM Nubia 6 pro or BlackShark although Rog has great design... but what the meaning of design if you cannot safely use the phone because affraid your phone broken /death.

            Almost all of my friends who bought this Rog Pro 5 has problem above and claim it to ASC and had to change the board, free but your IMEI change, and they didnt change the box etc.. so you must have troubling if you want to sell that phone.

            What a work, ASUS..

              • M
              • Marcin
              • mu8
              • 22 Dec 2021

              Stay away from this device. Unreliable, support is a joke. With this kind of failures and support I would expect it to be priced for a bit more than $10 and you'd get that money along with the phone.
              My story... Phone started crashing several times a day about a month after purchase. Service said it was my apps that caused it - all of them were from Google Play store. They did remove 'Android Auto for phone screen' app - which came with the phone... After that the phone only froze for few seconds every now and then but did not crash.
              Recently the phone overheated during charging on the original charger. It's bricked. I don't want it anymore :)
              Please make yourself a present and choose another device.

                I see ghost touch while playing bgmi xmode on. I see while I am moving my character with two thumbs I see some times map open self jumping crouching also emots open etc
                Any suggestions
                Rog 5 8 128

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                  • Future User
                  • sxs
                  • 21 Dec 2021

                  Namzaron, 13 Dec 2021Overall good spec phone. However the phone has a major issu... moreWhat version is your ROG global or tencent?

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                    • Looking for Phone
                    • Nvd
                    • 19 Dec 2021

                    Hello, i am looking to buy a new phone. And after many speculations, i have reached with s21 ultra and this phone, because the pixel is not available in my country. Has the wifi isssue been solved on this phone ? And should i get it over the s21 ultra?

                      • V
                      • Vinayak
                      • X}B
                      • 16 Dec 2021

                      How the ROG5 phone, not working for wifi and suddenly phone dead. only 3 months bbefore bought. Feeling very useless phone.

                        Namzaron, 13 Dec 2021Overall good spec phone. However the phone has a major issu... moreVery powerful cpu causes great heat and fries the wifiunit if there is no proper cooling, also this phone has another very weak point the dual battery, a guy on youtube showed that phone brakes into two like a twig...

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                          • Namzaron
                          • K1y
                          • 13 Dec 2021

                          Overall good spec phone. However the phone has a major issue. The wifi suddenly cannot turn on after certain time and the only solution by asus is to change the motherboard. You can google this issue, most rog phone 5 user will faced this problem. I have sent my phone twice for warranty repair due to this issue. I have no confident the phone will last after the warranty end. Sometimes, high spec and power is not the only thing you should look at when buying a phone. The reliability, software performance and aftersales service is also important.

                            • O
                            • OGgy37
                            • vCq
                            • 13 Dec 2021

                            I've been using this phone for like a month, the first problem i got is i can't charge the phone using the bottom USB C port once, when the battery is at 14%, thank's god when i plug the charger on the side Port, it charged, just once after that, the problem never happen again, i've update the firmware to the newest version (18.0840.2111.200), the wifi work, display work, mobile network good, got nothin to complain about!?
                            I'm Using ROG Phone 5 Global Version (Made In Indonesia) with model code ASUS_I005DA

                              • V
                              • Vinayak
                              • YQK
                              • 10 Dec 2021

                              Waste of money guys , after update WiFi and hotspot is not working and without WiFi no point of gaming, if you ask asus guys they don't have any answer and service center guys also saying random things

                                • S
                                • SHoumEN
                                • mDu
                                • 08 Dec 2021

                                I have the phone for over 2 months now and really can not complain, except 1 random freeze that left me panic for about a minute, but then everything was ok. (this has happen to me with past phone including iphones, so was not really something new). I have tried several games, including MOBAS, best graphic car games, played FIFA for hours non stop and etc, and the phone was perfect and never really got very hot/worm. So my opinion is that you do not really need to buy cooler at this point. I am very very impressed and happy that I got the phone.

                                  I ordered this phone becouse it had a nice discount at the end of november, and started read around to know exactly how much pile of poo this phone is, contrary to the fact how extremely good hardware it has. A very shame asus has this warranty policy and such immature construction without proper testing, the final blow was the jerry video of durability and saw the phone snaps in half like a twig rofl, I quickly deleted the order thank goodness.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • jD2
                                    • 27 Nov 2021

                                    The overall functionality and experience are truly noticeable and appreciable, also I really like the phone's splendid gaming performance. I get numerous hairline scratches all around my display which is well noticeable. So, I had to invest in screen protectors from Gadgetshieldz to cover the scratches.

                                      • R
                                      • Raees Ahmed
                                      • Hkr
                                      • 26 Nov 2021

                                      Brick of shit

                                      After new update .facing issue on wifi & Hotspot I went to service center they done a good job taken a quick action and change my phone motherboard. But my all data gone & also IMEI number also change .now on box other imei and other imei how can I sale this now .I am very frustrated

                                        • j
                                        • jigs
                                        • KgV
                                        • 24 Nov 2021

                                        Anonymous, 12 Sep 2021Is this rog phone 5 Worth to buy ? If not can y'all re... moreSamsung Galaxy A52 5G