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  • djinsm
  • X$K
  • 07 Jul 2023

Typical example of how strategies are going wrong for ASUS. The SoC upgrade war is not necessary anymore. Nobody cares if it is Gen 1 or 2, from SD 845 era the SoCs were fair enough to run anything throw at it for daily tasks. Camera, Connectivity and User Experience were the key and Ausus forgot some of it by upgrading the SOC and downgrading the camera.

    • k
    • kenkenlam
    • twV
    • 07 Jul 2023

    USB 2.0???'s ancient.
    who need wireless charging?
    why don't ASUS just save the space and expend 4300mAh to 5000mAh?

      • z
      • z9user
      • Ki7
      • 07 Jul 2023

      the upgrade sum from zenfone 9:
      - a little bit higher chip system
      - more megapixel on front camera
      - wireless charging
      - got higher android system update (android 14)
      maybe i will stick with zenfone 9 for 3 years more...

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        • tofukinggood
        • iuZ
        • 06 Jul 2023

        Happened to be visiting Taiwan at this time and stopped by ASUS to check out the phone. Everything looks good until I saw the "made in china" label on the back of the phone and that was a deal breaker for me.

          • g
          • ghenceaRO
          • Mvw
          • 06 Jul 2023

          awful pictures much better Z9 than this one. noise on the sky or plain color photos and shadows on moving objects. they should improve the software ASAP. or cut the price.

            Not even joking, the cameras look a bit too huge for the phone...

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              • Anonymous
              • N%B
              • 05 Jul 2023

              I've stayed with my S10e for years, not wanting to upgrade to another Galaxy since they removed the headphone jack and since I haven't needed to upgrade until recently (battery life starting to go), and the Zenfone 10 looks like the one I'm going to finally jump on.

                • S
                • Stoon
                • fwF
                • 04 Jul 2023

                ks, 04 Jul 2023the rear camera looks so thick and big. why dont remain sma... moreit has a gimbal system inside !

                  justasmile, 04 Jul 2023Collection of data is like a message, doesn't even dra... moreThe new Tensor processor will do AI analysis of your data on phone

                    PALAKI, 03 Jul 2023WTH...!!! even S23+ is cheaper than this crapt..!??Not on official website.
                    Original s23 price in EU was €959 and €1219 for s23+.
                    After 4-5 months this phone will be cheaper than now as well.

                      • k
                      • ks
                      • PIK
                      • 04 Jul 2023

                      the rear camera looks so thick and big. why dont remain small and fit like zenfone 7

                        Chaos X 1982, 03 Jul 2023Collection of data actually slows down the SOC, sending dat... moreCollection of data is like a message, doesn't even drain much anyways.

                          justasmile, 03 Jul 2023That takes up a lot of space and makes the phone heavier an... moreThat why Asus should consider either 2 model a year, or rotates between big and small models every year.

                            BanB, 03 Jul 2023I wonder why the Zenfone is considered the standard compact... moreWell, ZenFone have 3.5mm. And that's awesome.

                              justasmile, 03 Jul 2023what can they even do with it other than giving you ads?Collection of data actually slows down the SOC, sending data to their HQ eats up our data bundle and also, the entire process eats into our battery life.

                                justasmile, 03 Jul 2023spied on? lol. they can't do anything illegal other th... moreBecause I am paying money for their R&D making the stupid Spychip SOC, also, this means some processing power and battery life is being used for doing the A.I ads when I use a Pixel.

                                  justasmile, 03 Jul 2023you mentioned sony twice, also stock android is by google. ... more1: Humans do have Typos.
                                  2: Sony and HTC have SD card slots. If google uses Snapdragon or Dimensity and add an SD card slot I would get a pixel.

                                    Anonymous, 02 Jul 2023on apple both apple google and facebook and others spy on y... moreWell, most Apple fans claims Apple is the most secure and it protects all their privacy. I don't know, I use Asus.

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                                      • PALAKI
                                      • Kx7
                                      • 03 Jul 2023

                                      WTH...!!! even S23+ is cheaper than this crapt..!??

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                                        • Khan
                                        • 3@F
                                        • 03 Jul 2023

                                        I like small smartphone but with a haevy chipset this type asus zenphone 10 but selfi camera why corner i need centre