Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

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  • baljeet

MUNEER, 23 Oct 2014is there the option to use otg cable to connect our pendriveyup OTG is supported In zenfone 5
i am using it from 1 month OTG is supported In Kitkat
not in jellybean

  • zenfone sucks

I cant on my zenfone. It has battery and load up but it continues loading it wont take me to the homepage

  • AnonD-317366

I see somebody mentioning about invoking Intel Deep sleep mechanism.I searched around in FB and other place,but couldn't get a complete answer.So any one of you can post it on how to kick in the deep sleep mechanism?(My understanding was this is something to be there by default rather than doing any special openrations)

  • AnonD-323348

After Kitkat update the display turns on automatically. Before the update I can turn off the display using the power button. But when I do now, the display turns on after a while. This happens when using mobile data. What advise do you have?

  • Anonymous

Before starting "wipe partition cache", do we have to swirch off the phone and then press volume up + power buttons

  • Joanna

Why my zen5 very fast to heat.? No 5 minutes in face book can reach 45.5˚c already. Can you help me guys.. pls. Reply fast..

  • vivek

MUNEER, 23 Oct 2014somebody pls answer video calling is avl // diff between jelly... morethese are operating systems from google

  • Abhishek

AnonD-191884, 23 Oct 2014Here comes the sad news.Someone cursed my zenfone perhaps.It's j... moreget a screen protector and label it.
as single touchscreen cannot be replaced.
if you want to replace it then whole lcd+screen will be replaced that will be very expensive..l
my phone also has small crack on upper corner.but i had not replace but used a screen protector to cover it.

  • AnonD-191884

Here comes the sad news.Someone cursed my zenfone perhaps.It's just running fine till today.I was shooting a Diwali live event 2hrs before and unfortunately small fire lobes from a flower pot cracker fell on my screen ..Screen got cracked at some places.It's only front glass.Everything works fine as before but now it doesn't look attractive and looks like an old cracked crap.These are minor shatters but very ugly to eyes..Help anyone..I am so depressed..I love my Zenny so much.ð

  • bunty

how i see developer options in asus zenfone 5

  • eznor

My zenfone 5 occupies more ram after updating to 4.4 kitkat thus making it more laggy as you open more apps. I want to rollback to 4.3 jb.

  • panth patel

Is Camera is good ??

  • madh

omer , 23 Oct 2014guyzz i want to buy this phone can anyone tell me its ok to buy ... moreworst mobile to talk resound coming and toomuch heating please dont go for it

  • AnonD-303138

AnonD-308768, 23 Oct 2014By pressing volume up + power it is brings boot menu..droid boot... moreWhen you see the android belly up with no command written, press and hold volume down and while pressing it press and release volume up button. This will bring up a menu with 4 options and one is wipe cache partition.

  • omer

guyzz i want to buy this phone can anyone tell me its ok to buy or not any problem in this phone plzzzzzz telll mee

  • AnonD-323141

AnonD-230114, 23 Oct 2014Hi Tomazz, Could you please help me with the procedure to dow... morecould u please help me i have pluged fo charging but its nt taking charge still its showing connect yo charger.... plz reply me fast.......

  • Anonymous

guys.. my zenfone 5 gets heated while using camara and playing games.. is this happening with everybody..??

  • AnonD-230114

Hi Tomazz,

Could you please help me with the procedure to downgrade my Zenfone 5 from to I have JB installed and really facing a problem with the .10 version :(

  • akshay

i dont no what exactly has happend fo my cell its just switched off and m nt able to open it battery was low i had put it fo charge but its nt taking charge only
please reply me ..

  • AnonD-308768

AnonD-279813, 23 Oct 2014What exactly have you done and what exactly happens when you pow... moreBy pressing volume up + power it is brings boot menu..droid boot something like that and by clicking on recovery .. it vibrates and open up and it shows no command and one droid lying down .

I want to wipe cache after updating the kitkat my phones battery drains fast.

And one more thing that after the updating kit Kat I got one more same update ..of kitkat