Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

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  • AnonD-317528

AnonD-317366, 10 Oct 2014Hi , Currently what is the state? 1.Is it getting switche... moreyea its going into the fast boot menu.. the version date of fastboot menu is AUGUST 11...i tried to apply the recovery image of 1.17.40... it gets applied...then with the adb sideload i sent the zip file to my mobile....all worked ...but when i reboot it again..the USB sign comes n the mobile gets stuck..

  • honey

does any 1's zenfone 5 lag while scrolling ??
fast scrolling
check it on storage then go to applications then scroll down fast ... check if it lag

  • AnonD-317366

AnonD-317528, 09 Oct 2014tomazz recently i updated to kitkat ..and i tried to downgr... moreHi ,
Currently what is the state?
1.Is it getting switched on ?
2.If it is getting switched on ,when you press the power button ,what does it shows up in the display?

3. on normal course do you know how to go to fast boot menu(Power + Volume + menu) ?

  • Florian

hi Tomazz,

bro, i am running an incomplete WW version.
i already downloaded the at the Asus site, and its about 674.2 mb in size...does it contain the the complete update from versions 15, 16 and 17?..


  • Rud

Good news!!! for Zenfone 5 owner, if you update your firmware to ASUS_T00F_WW_user_2.19.40.18_20141003_8008 you get battery drain issue fixed, and dont forget to update ZenUI from PlayStore for new experience, well done asus.

  • AnonD-210234

ASUSERO, 10 Oct 2014I have my ASUS Zenfone 5 2 weeks from now. I just notice th... morego to the settings of the message..and click the notification..this should work.

  • AnonD-191884

AnonD-317531, 09 Oct 2014I hv upgraded ASUS 5 to 4.4.2 after upgrade unable to acces... moreAfter recovery is done,just swap your sim with another sim which can create auto apn,don't switch off the phone.Operate it while it is on,and probably you can get access to apn settings.Now create apn of your old simmanually.Now reswap again with your old sim.Save apn and you are good to go.Just don't switch off.In my case Airtel works again after swapping with a Reliance.


I have my ASUS Zenfone 5 2 weeks from now. I just notice that the message alert tone doesnt work. I already checked the settings with regards to sounds specificali in messaging but still it doesn't work. Moreover, The message notofication doesnt also shows on the status bar. Do anyone here experienced the same thing? Need your help guys! Thanks in advance.

  • AnonD-210234

Lisandro , 10 Oct 2014Today update again to kitkat with the last fixed firmware t... moreHow did you update? manually or OTA?

  • AnonD-210234

AnonD-279813, 09 Oct 2014No, I have no problems with it. To manually install it, ... moreHi Tomazz, last night i try this instruction you said to install the OS manually but it didnt work..did you miss something to right? after i paste the unzip file on the root of the internal storage and unplug the cable, the pop up you said that it will say to update didnt happen..

  • Lisandro

Today update again to kitkat with the last fixed firmware the problem of the data 3g connection still persist the APN settings force close,Asus not check the update before send? Really dissapointment now again downgrade to 1.18 4.3 f#$%!k!!@

  • AnonD-317531

I hv upgraded ASUS 5 to 4.4.2 after upgrade unable to access APN setting , its crashes every time so no acess to data , if any one has expert advise please let me know other problem after upgrade solved related to Keyboard . APN problem still pending even putting 800 mb file from ASUS site and rebooting it . Need help on APN crash .

  • AnonD-317528

tomazz recently i updated to kitkat ..and i tried to downgrade to 4.3 adb sideboot method...i downloaded one fastboot images from a blog site....and it turned out to be a very old fastboot my phone is bricked ....the usb sign appears after every reboot , wipe data...i tried the latest recovery image posted by u..but of no use...please help thanks

  • AnonD-291211

AnonD-291211, 09 Oct 2014Thanks for the reply. If you don't mind, can you again post... moreOk, I got that procedure now. but from where i will get T00J_ww version.

  • AnonD-314791

AnonD-279813, 09 Oct 2014No.Any battery tips for the phone?

Ans i dont know why my previous posts got deleted.

  • AnonD-313233

AnonD-279813, 09 Oct 2014Well, sort of. Please read this for a much better explan... moreThere is another way to get android kitkat for my zenfone without fastboot it? I do not know how to fastboot my phone. It is same like rooting?

  • Deepanker

AnonD-279813, 09 Oct 2014Lag on KitKat is not something that you would expect to hea... morem getting lag while scrolling
i just did through backup & reset option in personal settings then select back up my data and click on factory data reset

  • AnonD-291211

AnonD-279813, 09 Oct 2014In my experience with several different phones, not all Asu... moreThanks for the reply. If you don't mind, can you again post link for recovery partition restore procedure. My phone build is ASUS_T00J_WW.

I found this link you posted but its T00F pasted below.

  • AnonD-279813

[deleted post]2 hours battery and heat at the back… what are you doing with it? Playing 3D games?

In that case heat and short (although not really THAT short) battery life would be expected.

But if you're doing something, that's not normal.

  • AnonD-279813

Deepanker, 09 Oct 2014guys m using kitkat nw and m very disappointed with it af... moreLag on KitKat is not something that you would expect to hear.

I mean KitKat is much faster than JellyBean, so there must be something else at play.

You said you did Factory reset. How did you do that?

It is possible to downgrade… posted today in the morning I think, with fastboot.