Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG (2014)

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  • yogi007

When it will come IN STOCK? Please tell me if anybody knows.....

  • AnonD-311576

My phone has a display problem
When I take photos the depth of yellowishness is very high
My whole display has a different color .colour densities are very bad.
I could not connect my phone to PC using USB.I used to do that but now my PC doesn't recognize it
Anyone please help me soon

  • arshad

Hey Tomaaz,

I have bought Zenfone 5 (8gb) two days ago with Filpkart.

The Phone is working super fine. But my only concern is Battery life. I have used 3G for 3 hours and the battery drained from 100% to 28%. I am not playing any games or music. Only I am 3G surfing and my battery is draining like anything. I have to give charge three times in a day. I have heard from some of the review that battery is can last for minimum 1 day with heavy uses. But why I am facing this problem is there any problem with particular phone, should I contact flipkart to replace this phone. Please help me as I really liked this phone and want to use it.

Please reply fast as I need return it with 20 days.
Thanks in advance

  • AnonD-279813

suresh, 24 Sep 2014Sir any one help me is the asus zenfone5 has a 3g Videocalling f... moreLike most phones that came out in the last few years, the Asus ZenFone (none of them) has 3G Video Call function.

You can only make video calls with Skype, Line, etc. over the data connection or over wifi connection.

  • suresh

Sir any one help me is the asus zenfone5 has a 3g Videocalling facility:

Im not able to get the video calling

Help Me pl

  • khushbu

AnonD-291211, 11 Sep 2014It should work. Check what apn you are using. Don't use apn for ... morei m very confuse to purcahse asus zenfone five becoze if i belive every think is perfact bt the service center of asus is not available here where m staying
so plz sugguset me should i purchase???

  • aulia

Dear Tomazz,

Thanks to you, i have solved my zenfon prob. now already update to 1.18 firmware. sorry cause always ask you regarding my prob. tq bro, may god bless u

  • Anonymous

What is the right version.?

  • khushbu

AnonD-306948, 13 Sep 2014hiiii all i have been using this phone from past 1 month. overa... morehey can u tell me how is the cammera of asus zenfone five, nd how the works led flash when we taking pics in dark

  • sreeedhar

sir please tell me the correct version of latest update for my asus zenfone 5 a501cg (WW).as update is not of full responsive phone is taking time in charging, camera clarity and other issues like draining of battery very fast.

  • AnonD-279813

Just stumbled into this video, how to change SKU from CN/TW into WW.

Basically downgrades through rooting to 1.14, then swaps the files with the WW firmware, and does a full data wipe and factory restore from WW firmware.

Maybe it's of use to any of you that got the wrong version of the phone...

  • AnonD-279813

AnonD-289600, 24 Sep 2014and my friend hit and scratch it with a fork, it is still okay too.A bit lame test, butů

Second one is a bit better:

It is not as scratch-able as Sony XPeria.

  • AnonD-289600

kiiew, 20 Sep 2014Really? I tried to scratch my zenfone 5 with a key and coin and ... moreand my friend hit and scratch it with a fork, it is still okay too.

  • AnonD-279813

AnonD-289600, 24 Sep 2014hi guys, is it ok to use the phone, while charging it on the com... moreThat's OK. Unless you make it unable to ventilate, like if you place it under a blanket while charging, that could cause overheat and fire.

There is no such case reported on ZenFone, however there were with Samsung and Apple phones.

  • AnonD-279813

AnonD-289600, 24 Sep 2014well, thanks. just curious what is with transmitter? why does it... moreUnder status you can see whether 2G or 3G network is being used, but the frequency will not be shown.

Generally the higher the frequency, the lower the power of transmission is required.

As for how they cause cancer - although it's much lower powered, the electromagnetic transmitter is not so different from a microwave. It's working on similar frequency, and it's very close to your brain. The way it works is by causing high frequency vibration of molecules, which rub against each other and through friction cause heat, which can damage DNA. Damaged DNA causes cells to reproduce wrong, which happens all the time, but if body does not recognise it, these cells can grow into a tumour.

That's why it is generally good to avoid high frequency electromagnetic waves, but in today's world, that's mission impossible unless you live in a Faraday cage.

  • aulia

AnonD-279813, 23 Sep 2014Has the firmware been loaded for the same SKU? Meaning the in... moreMy model is A500CG, ww-3g-d, 16gb emmc, intel clt z2580, CHN-android. n/a,n/a

  • AnonD-279813

Awesome, 24 Sep 2014I love Zenfone 6 but I cant add Khmer Unicode or Keyboard...too ... moreCheck the languages at the bottom of the list, else download Swype from PlayStore, which has more languages than Google.

Also note that the near all the languages are included only in WWE version of Android, but NOT in CU version. Check what is written on your phone's packaging.

Swype is free, and registration is 1$ if it's useful. So get the free one, then download new languages under settings to see if it works for you.

I use Swype on all my Android phones.

  • AnonD-279813

[deleted post]Try with these drivers"­

Also make sure to enable USB debugging on the phone.

Hope it is of any use.

  • aulia

AnonD-279813, 23 Sep 2014Has the firmware been loaded for the same SKU? Meaning the in... moredear tomazz, here is my zenfone description

asus_toof (a500cg), ww-3g,d,16gb emmc, intel clt z2580. 5/8m, chn-android, n/a,n/a

  • Awesome

I love Zenfone 6 but I cant add Khmer Unicode or Keyboard...too SAD! :(