Asus Zenfone 8

Asus Zenfone 8

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AveAle, 17 May 2021Close to perfect: - Small - Good specs What would make... moreThere is no Nokia 8.5, where did you see such a model? There is Nokia 8.3 5G.

  • cvq

Dan, 16 May 2021Looks great but it costs $750 in my country. I have the mo... moreSure. Prices are insane. Phones software and computing power still lacking desktop capabilities. At least they could try implement usable desktop mode. Only argument is camera. Else any 150 buck smartphone is usable...But even camera argument is fishy, paying 700-1000$ bucks for software made junkie camera is nonsense. In most cases casual 400$ camera can do more. Mega junkie supa dupa flagship smartphone costs 1200$. For that money you can buy decent 120-150$ smartphone 400-500 $ casual real optics camera and still you have money for almost decent gaming laptop with r7-4800h, 1650TI gpu..

  • AveAle

Close to perfect:
- Small
- Good specs

What would make me buy it:
- Add camera pack like in nokia 8.5.
- Add 5000 battery and sacrifice thickness

I am delaying the buy decision because there is no packed flagships below 6"

Mobilemaster, 13 May 2021Here is what I think. They removed some features, so the ph... moreYa i think they put the sd card slot on the flip since it caters to vloggers who shoot a lot of hi res videos so that seems to be a sensible decision. Although putting a headphone jack would have made it a better deal. It almost seems like they r crippling the sales of the bigger zenfone flip and banking all thier hopes on the normal zenfone 8. Maybe this would be the last flip phone from asus.

Ravi, 16 May 2021How is the software support for this phone? How many major ... moreI have the zenfone 5z and im running android 10 so u will get 2 major os updates but security patch im running thr latest one being april so yess. 2 os updates for sure.

SweeeTy, 15 May 2021Nice phone, at last a compact phone with great specs. But... moreThats true at that price the s21 is a no brainer. It has better cameras, better software and overall samsung have the best trade in deals with good discounts for most of it. Only isssue is lack of a headphone jack. But apart from that for the pricing in ur region the s21 seems to be a better pick.

Anonymous, 16 May 2021noBro the mi 10t pro is good enough i would say use it for 1.5 years more at least before u think of upgrading.

I hope other android maker will follow this trend. And release more compact phone below 6 imch with midrange specs like samsung A52

Phiezie, 16 May 2021Worth upgrade from MI 10T Pro? Anyone?You should keep your Mi 10T Pro. It's too early to upgrade from it

This is my next phone. Thanks ASUS for combining 3.5mm jack, OIS, flagship chipset, waterproofnes and compact design.

  • Anonymous

Phiezie, 16 May 2021Worth upgrade from MI 10T Pro? Anyone?no

  • Dan

Looks great but it costs $750 in my country.
I have the money but it's not worth it, I can get a good laptop instead. Phone prices are just getting ridiculous.

  • podu

t0m, 16 May 2021Hope they make a lite version with SD 780G but same sizeexactly my thought

  • Anonymous

Anyone bought it already?
Hows the camera quality?

  • Phiezie

Worth upgrade from MI 10T Pro? Anyone?

  • RD

ari, 16 May 2021Look a headphone jackYeah with 32 bit

  • RD

3.5mm headphone jack
5.9 inch size screen
Stereo speaker
4000 mah battery
Led notification light
ASUS take my money now!!!

  • t0m

Hope they make a lite version with SD 780G but same size

  • ari

Look a headphone jack

  • Bane

Anonymous, 16 May 2021Should have made this with side or rear FP sensor, mid-rang... moreI am expecting this for the max pro m3