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I have used it for a few days and I'm really disappointed. I hate two things about it:

1. Battery life is absolutely trash. I can only get 3/4 hours sot with auto refresh rate and light use. Bluetooth and location are disabled. Standby drain is also bad. After some research I read that someone discovered that the phone would never enter "deep doze" mode, so idle battery conssumption is horrible (While not using my phone it went from 54 to 50 % in 15 minutes). While sleeping it's not that bad tho, maybe it just needs more time to enter that "deep doze mode" (this night it went from 84 to 77 % in 7 hours).

2. It seriously overheats a lot. I don't play games nor use the camera, it just starts heating out of nowhere. Even while not using it, the top part of the device will randomly heat. I didn't measure temperature but I think it gets up to 40/45°C. This obviously affects the battery making it drain even faster.

I hope these issues can be solved with software updates because the rest of the phone is almost perfect. I love the design, the speakers and the screen, and the fingerprint sensor is not as bad as some people said here.

  • vinfilip

The phone has everything you need. But the battery is the weak spot for this phone. I was ready to buy it but cause of the battery I won't. Next time asus put put 90hz screen and bigger battery Please.

gringo, 09 Jul 2021but ... FM radio in all smartphones uses bluetooth chip in ... moreLol, who thought you that? There is no such thing as 'your Bluetooth is always ON' when using FM Radio. In fact, FM Radio NEVER works with Bluetooth at all. Always remember that FM Radio has its own dedicated chip and never shared with Bluetooth at all.

  • gringo

YUKI93, 01 Jul 2021"Why not just use internet FM streams instead?" L... morebut ... FM radio in all smartphones uses bluetooth chip in the background to work ! So remember this when you open the FM
radio, your bluetooth is always ON (you can check this in at /vendor/bin)

I have been a loyal ASUS Zenfone customer since 2015 starting with two Zenfone 2, then two 2E, then a 4, and then then two 5z. But now that Zenfone 8 and ASUS Rog 5 have no expandable microSD slot, this is a deal breaker. I will go for Sony Xperia 1 III instead.

  • B

Dear Asus,
few things I'd do to get all the LG fans
Make audio options like the V and G series had:
Digital filters, balance, equalizer.
Special audio recorder with adjustable gain, lcf, lmt.
Its just software, costs You now almost nothing but these are the reasons to buy it for us. It was never the camera (but You can get on a pixel level and noone would be dissapointed)

  • Anonymous

Anurag31194, 04 Jul 2021hey can anyone tell... is the battery life and SOT ... more1. Close to 8 hours of SoT with medium usage(Some gaming but mostly browsing and watching videos)
2. No, colors are more vibrant and not natural looking compared to pixel phones. You can view the camera performance or samples on the review page here or on their youtube.

hey can anyone tell... is the battery life and SOT on 120hz refresh rate. performance at night ( front and rear both). is it like pixel phones.

  • Anonymous

Hi asus when asus max pro m3 release?? Thanks

  • Anonymous

May i ask if this phone is gonna be decent for gaming(open world game)? I know that because of its size it could potentially heat up real quick but its not like im gonna play with everything set to high. Just casual gaming of open world games (i know.. Casual gaming with open world games sounds stupid enough but to play on a phone this size is just ) and i saw other comments about this phone's flaws. Can someone elaborate more on how this device is bad.

Because im planning to purchase this but im holding off for now so id like some insights on those who know more afnd those who have this device.

I dont really mind the storage since i can simply transfer file via flashdrives and im not heavy on videos and pictures and im not reallt p

  • somebody

Kedar284, 30 Jun 2021Rooted already?No root is needed. I've done the same and the battery life is good (standby needs optimization tho). Also there is no overheating issue.

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2021The issue is that Italy requires a license fee on all devic... more"Why not just use internet FM streams instead?" Let me tell you why I don't use it. It saps too much internet data and battery life. Also, it needs to be connected to the Internet all the time and not all places have a stable Internet connection. That is why offline FM Radio is still relevant in 2021 and beyond.

Kedar284, 30 Jun 2021Rooted already?nope, it's part of the battery settings

KongoKurt, 29 Jun 2021Have you tried setting the battery settings to advanced, an... moreRooted already?

  • Hahahuhu

I am afraid that zenfone 8 will disappeared like zenfone 7. Asus have a weird selling strategy they announced a phone and then it goes silent. You know about this phone but you cant find it in your country. They should acted fast before china company like xiaomi shift their focus on compact phone.

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2021How can you tell which model is international and which is US?Asus is not a Samsung with Exynos or China OEMs that needs to have international and US exclusive variants. If they'll be available in US, sure the compatible 5G bands will be enabled.

  • Qwerty

AlexTechster, 26 Jun 2021Hey guys, do you experience overheating issues with the Zen... moreIt’s a common widespread problem among smartphones with the SD 888 regardless of the brand. It’s a hardware issue not a software one. Qualcomm will never admit that its SD 888 is a rush chipset just to compete with its peers. Better wait for the SD 888 plus or get a smartphone with a SD 870 or 865 plus. Not because a device is new it’s better overall. That’s why I do recommend buying last year’s flasgship 5G devices - they are already tested and have significant updates.

AlexTechster, 26 Jun 2021Hey guys, do you experience overheating issues with the Zen... moreHave you tried setting the battery settings to advanced, and turning down everything to low? My zenfone 8 is still super snappy even after dialing down the CPU, GPU, RAM and thermal limit. It doesn't overheat aswell.

  • Chetan

Availability in India ?

  • AlexTechster

Hey guys, do you experience overheating issues with the Zenfone 8. Mine is warming up quite a lot after only 2 minutes of video recording, and after two or three more minutes it prompts me to shut down the camera app. If you have, do you know how to fix that...eventually?