BlackBerry Bold 9000

BlackBerry Bold 9000

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  • Anonymous

LARRY, 01 Jul 2010I accidentally deleted my map and i downloaded another from Blac... moreBe sure you have the blackberry data package to use blackberry maps, if you have the package so the icon will appear itself

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2010I am getting at 8300/-where are you getting it at that price? recommend me plz.

  • Shawty

That's super right!

  • oge

Guys I can't sent nor receive media frm others without bonding/pairing....

  • Erosy

So I got the Bold 9000 in early February and I was kinda like enjoying it until some days back when there was a power surge in house and I was charging the phone at the time. It went black (dead) and not matter what I tried to do it wont come on!!! its so Sad! I'm looking at getting the Bold 9700. Any tips anybody?

  • Filipe Pires

Dewan, 20 Jul 2010Hi Does it sync with iTunes?Of course... not ;)

  • Anonymous

hi, I'd just bought my bb9000 4days ago and i noticed when placing my memory card on it where contacts were stored up, bet i was having a hard time to do copying. yet, still i couldn't find them on screen. Anybody out there to guide and teach me? I don't have manual in the box when i bought it.

  • Anonymous

these stupid phones are way too expensive, and people are still buying this crap, nokia have a whole lot better phones cheaper than this BS

  • Brad

kk, 20 Jul 2010Guys, i need help here. Just got my blackberry bold back from a ... moreUse "Crak util". I think It is free online, just google it crackutil .. You can over ride anything with this program. Be careful you don't brick the phone.­/

  • Anonymous

Hi, I recently purchased this phone BlackBerry 9000 & I was using a Nokia e-71 earlier. I want to know if there is a simple way to restore my SMS messages from the nokia phone to my new balckberry handset?

An expert opinion is what I would like to seek :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2010I am getting at 8300/-Where I will get it for Rs.8300.00

  • kk

Guys, i need help here. Just got my blackberry bold back from a warranty claim. it's brand new but how come the desktop manager says that it has insufficient space to update to version 5 software? anyone has this problem or knows how to fix this?

  • Naven

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2010I am getting at 8300/-Are you from DB?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Obviously BB 9000

  • Dewan

Hi Does it sync with iTunes?

  • Chris

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2010I am getting at 8300/-The Only thing enjoyable about this phone is the HSDPA; 3G, but at 3.6 Mbps it's hardly a perk. I Wouldn't recommend any Curve's because of the 2G only.

  • Anonymous

Aman, 17 Jul 2010India Price of BB bold? i am geting at Rs.19,300/ Plz advc wher... moreI am getting at 8300/-

  • tibo

hello bb users.. just want to ask, how to check the OS number? how to upgrade? how to use bluetooth? because icant tranfer files from other phone to my BB 9000. and lastly, what site is the best for downloading apps or games? thankssss

  • Hassan

Itz really good. I am enjoying it.:)

  • Aman

India Price of BB bold? i am geting at Rs.19,300/ Plz advc where to buy