BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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  • ankit

hwz dis fone ?? nd wich one is beter dis one or pearl 3G does pearl 3G luks girlish ??

  • Anonymous

is it possible to download skype and any chat software such as E buddy Nimbuzz !!!

  • Horkly

I'd like to ask RIM about the CPU of Blackberry curve 3G 9300 and i hope to get your reply soon.

  • jason

chikzie, 01 Dec 2010pls our do i upgrade to the new os6.and where can i download the... moreu can check this website
It can provide you with different types of apps, themes,games for free. check it out dowg.

  • chikzie

pls our do i upgrade to the new os6.and where can i download themes and games from.pls i need reply asap.thanks

  • Panama

I just upgrade my old Curve and this phone is just amazin...physically is almost the same with a slight difference but it has Gps and geo-tagging features..3g with my carrier here in Panama is amazing.It cost me $400

  • tboodo

Great phone but the camera sucks,should have a light at least!

  • Diggy dog

This phone has a 624MHz processor. mean while the blackerry curve 8520 only has a 512MHz processor...

  • leonard

Have this phone for 3days now and its just awesome..upgraded it to leaked version os6 and it runs like a is not that good but its very okay for a 2mega pix..battery life is good I get a full day on 3g and playing music and running multiple apps. I'm a heavy user..thus phone is ten time better than my previous stupid nokia N97

  • DC

dipz , 13 Nov 2010how did u upgrade to os 6 since theres no official upgrade avail... moreYou may download from As for how to upload to your BB, there will be instructions from that site. Top difference is fast response, nice ui & more user frenly. Enjoy.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]10000 s max resail value

  • Hi

Vijay, 24 Nov 2010upgraded to OS6 on my 9300Hi Vijay,

Please provide a detailed description as how you upgraded to OS 6.


  • Vijay

RAVI PARMAR, 25 Nov 2010is it better thn os 5?@ravi- i like it. some additional options nothing new.


Vijay, 24 Nov 2010upgraded to OS6 on my 9300is it better thn os 5?

  • dewo

Yes what is a penta band chip.. all I care that my 9780 performs great... it sends/receive email, has social networking app, chat app, and a good and stable internet conection...

  • Brandon

How does it run with mxit and does mxit need java please guys i need help with this.... (By the way i am talking about the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

  • Ravi Parmar

Hello friends

My self Ravi Parmar and I am from jamnagar(gujarat-india) bought BB Curve 3G and tell u guys this phone is awesome only one problem is its battery life, otherwise its better then others. I'm using 2G but browsing speed is pretty good. If anyone using BB pls guys send me ur PIN numbers so I can add u in BB msnger

  • Vijay

upgraded to OS6 on my 9300

  • Anonymous

does this phone support sip client?

  • Ayesha

Heyy ave got BBerry Curve but mah brova wants my fone so i was thinkin bout BBerry Peark 3G. But which iz betaa? TThnxx A REALLY need an answaa...