BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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  • Teja

AnonD-2423, 06 Apr 2012Hello friends, I just want to ask you guys those who have bee... moreumm.. i have friends who have this phone and i myself was about to buy this one. Its a good phone no least that's what i thought.. It gave all my friends big problems after about 2 years... body- perfect.. but hangs all the time.. every other moment. they feel so helpless they remove the battery... so if u really want it and can use it very very very lightly, then feel free to go ahead.. otherwise, look for other better options.

  • marcusgarvey

i want to buy this phone very soon i want know about the battery life and any other thing plz some body help thanks

  • techno

Do not buy BB...almost everyone have wifi problem

  • jaguso

ecnirp, 06 Apr 2012which do you prefer blackberry curve 3g 9300 or the blackberry c... morego for 9300, as 9360 battery backup is very very poor and there is haeting problem with that

  • patrice

How long should i charge my blackberry for the first time? thanks in advance!

  • ja

battery drains pretty quick.. if you use BBM, play music and use the internet constantly, plus if its network is on 3G, battery will last for a day only.. that's the only problem so far, but overall this phone is great! PS: this phone is using OS 6 so, its a lot better than curve 8520

  • ruuce

Im looking for my first BB. Now using droid with many errors. Cannot decide between 9300 3G/ Bold9780 or Curve9360. I need good battery life (2 days minimum per charge), normal camera quality and social aplications. Pls reply pros/ cons.

  • ruba

Yamee I updated my pnhe nw easy to access all of feathers I like it

  • AnonD-2423

Hello friends,

I just want to ask you guys those who have been using this phone since long, that how to identify that the phone is totally undamaged and how long it has been used.. i am asking such a question because i am planning to buy one from a distant colleague who has brought the phone from UK.. its from O2
So, just wanted to ask that whether there are any risks involved or its very safe to use such a device. as the conditions seems very well from the body of the phone. And one more thing, whether the device will work very normally or will have certain functions disabled as its coming from UK and i am using that here in india.
I would be greatful to you guys for answering this post satisfactorily..

  • ecnirp

which do you prefer blackberry curve 3g 9300 or the blackberry curve 9360? please reply. ASAP!

  • Pesh

What's with the optic track pad?
been enjoying using my BB since Sept but am now very disappointed as the device cant action any command.

  • troll

i have problem with battery come i want to switch to 2g mode? the option just have 2 choice only...3g mode and 2g&3g mode....i have choose 2g&3g mode to save my battery life..but network still detect 3g option..i just off my data plan when im not using the internet...but this will give me the problem..i can access n receive email from my organisation. need to on data plan 1st.

but this phone still awesome :)

  • Sev

Owned this phone for a year and a few days, the battery is complete garbage, dies within an hour of a full charge.

Not to mention it constantly freezes, though, that's expected for a blackberry.

  • G

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2012There should have been a radio for this phone :-( havin a radio would drain the fone.

  • Micky

I think its really worth and a good option for new buyers :)

  • bernard

AnonD-48864, 02 Apr 2012how is the battery life??Not good. Nokia are better than blackberry

  • shawn

Ej1345, 03 Apr 2012Yes.definitely anywhere you can send the message through blackbe... morei am using bb curve i think its better than htc wildfire

  • Anonymous

There should have been a radio for this phone :-(

  • longman

I have been using the curve 3G for almost a month now its okay compared to storm 1, I was using before but the problem ?s, I want to disable password but I can not, please what can I do?

  • sam

my rediff mail ID is not opening on m phone