BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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  • Micky

I think its really worth and a good option for new buyers :)

  • bernard

AnonD-48864, 02 Apr 2012how is the battery life??Not good. Nokia are better than blackberry

  • shawn

Ej1345, 03 Apr 2012Yes.definitely anywhere you can send the message through bl... morei am using bb curve i think its better than htc wildfire

  • Anonymous

There should have been a radio for this phone :-(

  • longman

I have been using the curve 3G for almost a month now its okay compared to storm 1, I was using before but the problem ?s, I want to disable password but I can not, please what can I do?

  • sam

my rediff mail ID is not opening on m phone

  • Ej1345

AnonD-41921, 11 Feb 2012Can anyone tell me if I can bbm a person who stays in anoth... moreYes.definitely anywhere you can send the message through blackberry messenger

  • E.j1345

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2012How to start using the GPS? as I can't locate the map icon ... moreyou need to have Blackberry Data Plans to use GPS and BB Maps like BB Social or Max one of the examples of Data Plan

  • eia

Im choosing between this BB curve 9300 and HTC Wildfire S. may i know if BBM can be used with wifi? some says yes while others No. Please confirm so I can decide which one will I get.

  • anonn

Got my bb 2days ago and everthing good so far ...what's with the trackpad???

  • Aux

AnonD-48864, 02 Apr 2012how is the battery life??Stand-by Up to 456 h (2G) / Up to 348 h (3G)
Talk time Up to 4 h 30 min (2G) / Up to 5 h 30 min (3G)
Music play Up to 29 h

  • JheiEm21

I'm going to buy this BlackBerry Curve 3G! Actually it is a gift from a love ones and I'll definitely love this BlackBerry Curve 3G. Because it can be upgradable into OS 6! I'm loving it because of it's simplicity!

  • Soj

It doen‘t has any microsoft programs
Too bad.

  • AnonD-48864

how is the battery life??

  • bernard

the radio is very loud

  • Shafique

I wanna to know in BBM 9300, video Calling Have in It Or Not & Can I Install Nimbuss & Skype Software In it To Talk by Voice Mail, Please Reply

  • nikki

ive been a bb user eversice. the phone is good. and the predivtive text can always be disabled..
its a great phone

  • .............

AnonD-48074, 26 Mar 2012Got my 9300 in Dec, all is well but started to get trackpad... moreYes it is common for every blackberry to have traskpad problems

  • Jeff

abish1996, 27 Mar 2012is this phone gud becuz i am about 2 buy a blackberry for d... moreYes i wanted to ask the very same question just like you. . .because it will be my first time using a blackberry

  • olay

what is the complete package of blackberry 3g 9300?