BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300

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  • iii

i will buy this fone no matter what you guys say some say it is crap over all but it is a cute sexy fone so stop all the bad comments abt this fone coz im getting it

  • Anonymous

Its a amense phone but the only prob is that the keypad has come a bit loose but don't let this put you off because it will live and is still easy to use and just generally its epic awsome useful great...

  • Don...

howz the key pad guys.????
Does the track pad works properly???

  • AnonD-48074

Got my 9300 in Dec, all is well but started to get trackpad problems. Is this a common issue with the 9300?

  • Rajesh

Is this phone work for CDMA

  • ObiJuan

Narayanan, 23 Mar 2012I had forgotten the password. So went to Blackberry Showroo... moreIn the future all you need to do to reset the password is enter it incorrectly about 10 times and type "blackberry" when asked. The phone will reset. You can also use the Blackberry Desktop software.

  • Anonymous

got my curve 9300 just a week ago, and so far so good! just a bit disappointed on the battery life though, but with the unlimited data on, i guess its just expected. :)

  • AnonD-47824

khanyi, 21 Mar 2012i just brought myself the BLACKBERRY CURVE 3G 9300,i love t... morey?

  • deepak

is it touch and type.......???????/

  • cJ

It is Definitely a Good Phone that Other People must Try. Great Job Blackberry for the BB 9300 3G.

  • Narayanan

I had forgotten the password. So went to Blackberry Showroom at Domlur, Bangalore, and requested them to reload the software for which they asked me to pay Rs.1,500/-. This is called day light robbery. Did not expect this from Blackberry. Never will I buy BB.

  • Anonymous

PiratekId, 22 Mar 2012Blackberry curve is one of the coolest device and all its f... morecan anybody explain why this phone cannot working with HSDPA 900 band but only working with 2100 band.....

  • angie

i like the phone and i am using it, i just don't like the fact that it doesnt have radio but other than its a cool phone

  • PiratekId

Blackberry curve is one of the coolest device and all its features is second to none. Thumbs up to Blackberry hand held device.

  • ajay

shikhi, 11 Mar 2012how is the battery life?battery life is good

  • polo

cannot use at 3G 900 COVERAGE...only work with 3G 2100

  • nicholas

i recently bought one had to return it. the key board is fantastic second to none but it can only does what it says in the u.s not international. it's practically useless out of america

  • khanyi

i just brought myself the BLACKBERRY CURVE 3G 9300,i love the phone but the only problem i have with it is the phonebook and the call log information.

  • ranjeet singh

shaks.....!!!!, 19 Mar 2012I want to buy this fone i am confused sooo frndzz help mee ... moretake a blackberry 9300 this a best handset....

  • Spencer

I really love this phone. Although the battery life only last for 48 hours with extensive use, it's still reasonable. I've been using this for 10 months now and I've never logged out my FB and Twitter on it. I just have to switch it to 2G to save the batt life but then again it's still awesome......Browsing FB and playing music on it at the same time for hours....It's such a good way to kill the time :)