BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry Passport

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  • Anonymous

Look like a tablet battery !

  • xxx

A phone with a very unique business like design. Very classy and elegant.

  • Dotcom

I personally don't like this look,end of story!

  • AnonD-131986

Samaf, 21 Jun 2014hello... new phone... i want to ask 1 question...where are ... morePretty sure that option will be on the touch screen menu.

  • pM

AnonD-159082, 22 Jun 2014Looks like old classic TV and how games gonna be looks like... moreIt`s not a multimedia phone... it's a bussiness phone so the problem with the games shuold not be an issue.

  • AnonD-159082

Looks like old classic TV and how games gonna be looks like on this phone. Its same revolution on both sides.

  • krtk

Awesome device, globally release in october 2014

  • iisend

this is best handset

  • iisend

i like my blackberry 8520 and like this blackberry phone and i waitting for parches

  • Anonymous

i jst nid tis phone

  • pM

I never had a BlackBerry device but this one is the first one who definitely gets my attention. I always thought that a bussiness phone without a hw qwerty keyboard is not a real bussiness phone. I always had qwerty phones and all of them were NOKIA phones (E90 Communicator, E61i,E71, E7) until 2-3 years ago when NOKIA became ridicouluos and I had to switch.I had to buy a Samsung Note 2 and later the Note 3.And now... we have here this BlackBerry beauty.

  • BlackBerry Z30 User1

I'm sure that a lot of people don't research a little before making ridiculous comments! BB10 is here and it is an OS to be taken seriously. Roll on 10.3 update. With the addition of android apps to choose from. Too

  • AnonD-264071

AnonD-186052, 21 Jun 2014Very soon BB going to die...........In case you haven't heard, they have said the same "soon" about 4 years ago.

  • stobs

hmm quite an unusual looking phone. hm!

  • Sin Tax

SINFOSYS, 21 Jun 2014i think you don't now how to use mobile better you can go ... moreUngrammatical sentence. You can go to English classes?

  • AnonD-264071

[deleted post]Agree with Poncio, another most stupid anonymous comment.

  • AnonD-264071

This is my Beautiful Beast of a Blackberry! Can't wait for September. Feeling sorry for those Blackberry haters, they are all missing the point and all the excitement of BB10 OS and the new Blackberry, especially under John Chen.

  • p@rth

AnonD-78016, 21 Jun 2014I kinda like it. It's grown on me. Shame it's running BBOS. It's not running bbos it's running BlackBerry 10.3 os with Amazon app store and BlackBerry App World preloaded

  • AnonD-140890

Its like LG Optimus Vu with a physical qwerty keypad. I like it!

  • khan

very sharp edges, should be rounded a bit to give a look like a passport :-) where is the alt button how will we type special characters @ ! etc. as the base has less space the weight proportion will not be balanced while typing. I have seen a photo of the back side, it looks very posh!