Camera samples from Oppo Reno "Standard Edition" posted by company VP

Peter, 01 April 2019

Oppo VP Brian Shen posted full-resolution camera samples from the Oppo Reno. Well, 12MP photos at least, the phone is supposed to have a 48MP main sensor (likely a Quad Bayer).

Shen says these are straight from the phone with no post-processing.

Oppo Reno \ Oppo Reno \ Oppo Reno \ Oppo Reno \ Oppo Reno \ Oppo Reno \
Oppo Reno "Standard Edition" camera samples (12MP)

Note that Shen calls this the “Reno Standard Edition”, which may explain why we didn’t see a 10x zoom camera on the back of the leaked official images. A Snapdragon 710 powered Reno passed through AnTuTu a few days ago.

The rumors also describe a Snapdragon 855 version of the phone – that will be the one with a 10x zoom camera. Okay, there’s also talk of a 5G model, but that's likely a variant of the S855 model.

Previously, we saw photos from the Reno that showed off its zoom camera and more that showed its low-light shooting prowess. Some of these photos were posted by Shen himself.

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how you decided

  • observer

where is head shadow part on picture of jumping guy?

  • Marco M

I see no reason to doubt it. The awful bokeh effect leaving quite litterally straight lines both to the right and left of the laughing woman. The noise on the jumping man. Hard edges, blurred details, including eye brows, leg hair, bricks etc and pre...

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