Counterpoint: Nokia was the 9th smartphone brand globally by shipments

Peter, 01 August 2018

Despite selling phones with the old Nokia name, HMD the company is quite young – it was founded in December 2016, less than two years ago. That makes it all the more impressive that it is now a Top 10 manufacturer globally by shipments, according to data from Counterpoint Research.

Counterpoint: Nokia was the 9th smartphone brand globally by shipments

Comparing the second quarter of this year to that of 2017, HMD’s shipments grew a whopping 782%. In total, that’s 4.5 million units shipped or about half what established players like LG and Lenovo (plus Motorola) are doing, not to mention HTC and Sony, which aren’t even in the Top 10.

That puts HMD and the Nokia brand in 9th place globally with around a percent of the total shipments. The Top 3 brands shipped 46% of the smartphones in Q2, to put HMD’s performance in perspective.

Other companies that performed well are Huawei (up 41% YoY and it surpassed Apple) and Xiaomi (up 43%). Actually, Xiaomi is catching up to Apple, trailing the iPhone maker by around 8 million units (the deficit was 18 million units in Q2 last year). Samsung and LG lost some ground (down 11% and 23% respectively).

These stats take only smartphones into account. Don't forget that Nokia feature phones are in the Top 3 globally.

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Why is it that Lenovo and Motorola are combined but Oppo and Vivo aren't? They would beat Huawei and Apple if they were.

Oh, that’s interesting. Link please?

782%. Literally off the charts!

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