Deals: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2024) launches, here are some alternatives too

Peter, 14 April 2024

Samsung’s launch of the 2024 edition of the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite went without fanfare. The slate is finally available in the US after quietly sneaking into several European markets. It’s cheap but capable – and now comes with a $100 gift card from Amazon.

The base model has 64GB storage, but the microSD slot lets you add plenty more (as long as it doesn’t need to be fast storage). There is a 128GB version too, though even that one has only 4GB of RAM, which isn’t much for a 2024 device.

This generation is powered by the Exynos 1280, other than that it is identical to the 2022 release. Note that the tablet supports DeX but not display out – multi-window multitasking is available only on its own 10.4” LCD (2,000 x 1,200px, 15:9, 60Hz).

Amazon was clearing out the inventory of the 2022 edition and it was going for as little as $200. That made it fairly easy to recommend. Now the 2024 version costs $230 if you subtract the gift card. But it’s not that simple, you have to actually buy something with that $100 gift card.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ is a simpler offer – get the base model for $170. This one runs on the Snapdragon 695 and in terms of performance, it’s about on par with the Exynos 1280 (the Samsung chip has a slight advantage). However, you get an 11” LCD (1,920 x 1,200px, 16:10) at 90Hz and more or less the same hardware. What’s missing is DeX and stylus support.

The Tab A9+ also has a microSD slot, but you might want to get the 128GB version anyway – it has 8GB RAM instead of 4GB and costs only $220. The Tab S6 Lite (2024) is only available with 4GB.

We’ll also mention the Galaxy Tab A9 here, but it’s not a proper alternative to the Tab S6 Lite. If you’re looking for a small tablet, the A9 has an 8.7” LCD (1,340 x 800px, 15:9) and costs a bit less than the plus model. However, unless size is a consideration, the Tab A9+ is the better pick.

Slightly more expensive is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE. This one has a better quality display – an IPS LCD with 2,304 x 1,440px resolution (16:10) and t runs at 90Hz. Despite being an S-series tablet, it lacks DeX support and there’s no video out either.

Still, you get a chipset upgrade (Exynos 1380) and more RAM – 6GB for the base 128GB model and 8GB for the 256GB one. The microSD slot is still available. Also, the FE tablets are rated IP68 for dust and water resistance, making them more durable. And they charge at 45W, so you will be able to get back into your movie or game quicker (the Tab S6 Lite only does 15W).

If you have more money to spend, you can go bigger – the Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ has a 12.4” display (still a 90Hz IPS LCD with a higher resolution to keep the pixel density the same). It also has a larger battery (10,090mAh vs. 8,000mAh) but is otherwise identical to the regular Tab S9 FE.

Another alternative is the 2022 flagship slate, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. It has an 11” 120Hz LCD (2,560 x 1,600px, 16:10) and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. This one does support DeX, both on its own display and on external one hooked up over USB-C. As it is a couple of years old, its updates are running out – there should still be 2 more OS updates left, though.

Let’s look outside of the Samsung stable. The Amazon Fire Max 11 is a cheap 11” tablet with an IPS LCD (2,000 x 1,200px) and stylus support. There is a microSD slot on here too, but you might want to get the 128GB version as it gets rid of the ads (currently, it’s $5 to remove the ads, but you may as well pay $15 more and get double the storage).

Amazon Fire Max 11

Amazon Fire Max 11

$50/$80 off
64GB version has ads, 128GB one does not

Another option is the OnePlus Pad. It’s pricey, but it has a Dimensity 9000 for a high-end performance – while hardly new, it’s still a flagship chip. And the 11.61” IPS LCD runs at 144Hz for high frame rate gaming, plus it supports HDR10+ and Dolby Vision for better image quality when streaming.

If you want to get into or stay in the iOS ecosystem, then there are only a couple of options in this price range. The 2020 Apple iPad is still fairly capable and the $250 price looks great, until you notice that it only has 64GB storage. This will get very tight with iOS and app updates. And since there’s no 128GB option, you have to go up to the $380 256GB model.

The 2022 Apple iPad is more modern with a USB-C port and video out (though no Stage Manager, this is reserved for more performant iPads). This has more RAM (4GB vs. 3GB), but it still starts at only 64GB storage and the next step up to 256GB is pricey.

Since we’re on the topic of tablets, check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+. It’s probably out of your price range if you are considering the Tab S6 Lite, but it brings a large 12.4” OLED display (120Hz) and a fast Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with DeX and video out support.

It’s from 2022, though. The 2023 Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ is now down to $800 – expensive, however, last week this same model was $870. And if you get the 512GB one, you will also get 12GB of RAM, up from 8GB. Either way, the Tab S series has microSD slots.

One more thing – DJI unveiled the Avata 2 this week. Unlike the Mavics, the Avata series is focused on FPV flying, i.e. first person view with the included goggles. The DJI Avata 2 is both cheaper than its predecessor and has an improved 1/1.3” image sensor, not to mention the longer battery life. Officially, it gets up to 23 minutes of flight time on one battery, but you can get multiple batteries and swap them out as needed.

DJI Avata 2

DJI Avata 2

Fly More Combo
3 battery combo includes a Two-Way Charging Hub and sling bag

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Reader comments

On the manufacturer side, its much easier to fit in the good hardware into a larger frame, and for the consumer side, most consumers buy tablets as a media consumption device, so they typically want a larger screen.

The S8 and the A9+ genuinely tempts me. The 8/128 version of the A9+ has everything I want except a faster processor, for the inevitable bloating of apps in the future. If I could get it for less I might just buy it. The S8 is extremely goo...

Why are all the good tablets massive :/

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