European Galaxy S20 phones will be bundled with Galaxy Buds+, here's how much they'll cost

Peter, 03 February 2020

European pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S20 phones will come with a free pair of Galaxy Buds+. This new model will have an MSRP of €170, according to leakster Roland Quand, but they'll be free if you place your order no later than March 8.

The first deliveries are expected to reach consumers on March 13. However, Galaxy S10 pre-orders shipped out early last year, so there’s a chance the S20 and Buds+ will be delivered a few days early.

The Galaxy Buds+ are Samsung’s upcoming TWS earbuds – we’ve seen renders and we’ve heard they won’t feature ANC.

European Galaxy S20 phones will be bundled with Galaxy Buds+, here's how much they'll cost

So, how much for a Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra? We’ve seen the approximate prices for mainland Europe, now prolific S20 leakster Max Weinbach has UK prices, which he believes are more accurate than the earlier estimates. Also, this looks like a tacit confirmation that the S20 Ultra will not have a 4G version.

4G 5G
Samsung Galaxy S20 £800 £875
Samsung Galaxy S20+ £1,000 £1,075
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - £1,145
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip £1,300 -

As usual, note that these prices are for the base storage. The expected premium for 5G was €100, which apparently translates to £75 in the UK.

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Agreed. And most country doesn't have proper set up for 5G implementation YET.

  • Anonymous

No please not iPhone like software support. Apple gives you latest features 5 years late while slowing down your phone and restricting features and battery in the process (technically forcing you to upgrade). What good is that kinda software s...

  • Anonymous

The gap is very small these days. Whether it's miui, zen UI, emui or even color OS. OnePlus had bragging rights for Oxygen OS back in 2017, not so much today especially when they have started charging more compared to other Chinese flagships.

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