First batch of Samsung Galaxy Note20 leaks starts pouring in

Victor, 04 February 2020

The Galaxy S20 series is still a week away from an unveiling an over a month away from actually hitting store shelves, but we already have a pretty complete picture through leaks.

In fact, industry insider channels have been so active that they appear to already be moving past the Galaxy S20 and on to the Note20 - a phone, which should come out in Q3 this year. The first bit of information, courtesy of reputable leakster Ice Universe, the Note20 will have a better high-refresh rate implementation on its display.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ on the left, Note 10 on the rightSamsung Galaxy Note10+ on the left, Note 10 on the right

The statement is a bit ambiguous and could refer to a number of things. Piecing together some earlier info, we do know that the S20 lineup will support 120Hz refresh rate. However, it will be limited to resolutions up to FullHD.

Meanwhile OnePlus shared some details on its upcoming display tech, which includes 120Hz refresh rates at QHD resolution. The technology is definitely there and perhaps the "fine-tuned" aspect Ice universe is referring to for the Note20 is some sort of optimization on Samsung's end to enable QHD@120Hz as well, without tanking battery life.

Another arguably more wishful interpretation of "fine tuned" might have to do with variable refresh rate - a technology that PC gamers have come to love and appreciate, but is yet to make any serious strides in the mobile realm. Notable exceptions include the Apple 10.5-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2nd generation and their ProMotion display tech, which is kind of adaptive in nature, but not quite there yet. And, of course, Razer's IGZO display tech, which offers truly adaptive refresh rates.

You can read more about this here if you are interested, since it could be present on this year's iPhone models as well.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Under display fingerprint scanner is another useless invention

  • Anonymous

You really going to need that under display camera. Without it you will die

  • yeah

there is only one thing that would make me purchase the Note20, an under display camera, otherwise with all improvements it has no added value for me, and I am good with my last year phone.

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