First OnePlus 6T camera sample appears

Yordan, 22 October 2018

OnePlus is announcing the 6T next Monday, but we’ve already seen CAD-based renders how the phone will look. We still have a week until the official unveiling, but Pete Lau, the company CEO, just teased the camera performance of the upcoming flagship. He posted a night shot of downtown Shenzhen saying what roughly translates to “Bring your own filter”.

The first OnePlus 6T camera sample
The first OnePlus 6T camera sample

The 13 MP photo was uploaded in full resolution, but without the EXIF info, so we can’t reveal more details like aperture or the manufacturer of the sensor. The image looks like proper flagship photography, with accurate colors and various hues of the sky, including the cloud texture.

Although we are not yet sure if the phone was handheld or on a tripod, we know the OnePlus 6T is preparing a setting for long-exposure night shooting, similar to what Huawei introduced with the P20 Pro earlier this month with Night Mode that eventually reached all Kirin 970-powered devices.

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Reader comments

  • Fraye

Actually the caption translates to "(It) has its own filter" probably meaning that the photo is so good that it looks like there's already a filter on it.

Already done, it's called the Poco F1 Oneplus's whole concept was to challenge leading flagships in every aspect, that includes the camera. If they can't see themselves doing that then their phones are way overpriced. Which they are overpriced f...

  • Third Gear

Well said bro however great image processing requires great SoC (flagship). I wish they can really maximize the potential of every SoC for photography like utilizing great sensors and better software optimization.