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Gionee M2

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  • piyush varshney

Dear sir gionee m2 is very nice cell phone I m satisfied with its performance , I got one problem when ever I make call from my cell phone speaker automatic onn pls solve my problem

  • rob

muraleedharan, 11 Aug 2015M2 contacts getting hung frequently.... Taken phone 6 month... moreContacts are taking long time to display approx. 2-3 mins

  • sid

My gionee m2 is my best tooo best phone..its 2 year battery down.....picture quality is to good over all this phone is excellent....after updating this phone looking all apps awesome and software run like samsung phones...and new apps and feature added...

  • sunny

Play store problem does not work properly

  • Anonymous

super phone superrrrrrrr baterrryyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • muraleedharan

M2 contacts getting hung frequently.... Taken phone 6 months back..

  • sayi

gionee m2 is best mobile

  • tushar

I bought gionee m2 1 year ego... It was good.. But from 15 days it is not working properly.. It miss behave... Getting so much time to search contact list... Some time network automatically hides...internet connection also loosed automatically ....when I open any app it shows a msg... Android not support... And get back on main screen... And some time item on main manu not seen up to 10 to 20 seconds ....please suggest what to do...

  • saya

gmail update version is not supporting in gionee m2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

  • ira

Kajal, 11 Jul 2015No its working fine after upgrading a lot of improvemnt r t... morehow did u update

  • customer

use to receive waiting call during current call?

  • Ritik

A very Best Phone..
In a very Convinient Price..
Battery Life Is A Good Part.. 4200 MaH..
Camera Is good..
Clear Pixels After Zooming.. ..Pics
No Any Type Of Heating Problem.....

  • cesar

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2015When someone's calling me I can't hear them talk but they c... moreswitch the phone speaker in any authorized service

  • miracolos

Pls,my gionee m2 is not booting more than the gionee image
Pls Wat do I do?

  • Anonymous

When someone's calling me I can't hear them talk but they can hear me somebody please tell me what to do

  • AnonD-231717

I bought m2 black in March,2015 through snapdeal- not working back button-reply

  • UR

I bought the Gionee M2 in June 2015, and thought it was a great buy, even at 13000, until recently.
The phone keeps rebooting every 5 to 10 mins. I thought it could be because of too much in the memory etc. Cleared, cleaned, uninstalled apps, did every thing I possibly could. But no use.
The worst part is that the list of Service Centres provided has been a total wash out.
At the Rajaji Nagar , Bangalore centre I was told they had discontinued service for the last 8 months, and did not know where I could go.
The JayaNagar service center operator was extremely rude, asking me what she could do if I told her the problem over phone. Bring it here, we will see, she said. She could have done it politely.
Very disappointed.

  • maamu

Rex Racer, 16 Jul 2015It is somewhat of a specialty product, maximized for batter... moreI am use this phone 2014 march one year going good but solwly down the functions and automatically switch off after few days totally off totally wast off money pls dont buy this phone

  • Prasad

I am using this mobile. Its awesome phone today in India. I like it.

  • jay2

Wonderful phone,have been using it since June 2014, and I have no cause to regret buying it. awesome.