Google might release a pink Pixel 3

Enrique, 17 September 2018

Just last week, Google’s Japanese site launched a “Coming soon” teaser page showing three possible color options for the Pixel 3. One white with mint accents, one mind-colored, and a black one with white accents.

Well, according to a new discovery in the website’s source code, a fourth color option could be plausible. Twitter user @CasVanDinter has found the code to contain another color scheme that isn’t currently viewable.

The scheme shows peach-colored text and a very pale pink background with black accents, suggesting that Google might have or might have had plans to release a pink or peach color scheme. Apparently, the code is also incomplete, which could just be Google messing with us, as usual. Perhaps a Coral color would be a great addition to the Pixel device lineup.

We don’t know if this color exists, and should it exist, it might only be available on certain Pixel 3 models since we don’t know if the teaser is referring to the smaller or larger of the Pixel 3 devices that we’re expecting to be announced.

Google announced the first and second Pixel devices in San Francisco but the search giant decided to hold the launch event in New York City this year. The Pixel 3 will be announced on October 9 and we also expect to hear about a Pixel Book refresh, and we hope to hear more about dual-boot support for future Chromebooks.

Would you be interested in either a pink, red, or coral Pixel 3?



Reader comments

I'm by no means Android fan (I'm not even using Android) but I really hope that Google puts it together this time and actually launches something that's not dissapointing. Also their overpricing.... This time around they should at least put down pr...

They want their colours to match their hardware quality...

  • Jass
  • 18 Sep 2018
  • sST

This is Japanese website and pink is most famous color in JP i guess.

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