Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a

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  • Adpro

Currently having poco f1.
Is it worth upgrading to pixel 4a?

  • Anonymous

Drew, 30 Sep 2020Has anyone else been getting better battery life when I fir... moreTurn off the "Always On Display"

  • Vickrant

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2020Trash!!!!!!! Go SE2020se 2020 is waste of money, instead we can afford a m series from samsung..which performs like a flagship has more battery, more ram, gaming processor, camera that takes good and fine photos, has a macro lens too...

  • Snoop

Tfcheng, 25 Sep 2020Does this phone support video output through its usb-c port?Nop

  • Anonymous

Trash!!!!!!! Go SE2020

  • Drew

Has anyone else been getting better battery life when I first got the phone when it launched I was only getting around 4 hours sot and now I'm getting closer to 6 hours sot. Also I haven't had any screen issues but it does tend to get a little warm when doing things I thought we easy to do but nothing that would hot to the touch

  • Anonymous

S.ABiR, 29 Sep 2020is it better than pocophone f1?Poco f1 is far better!!!

is it better than pocophone f1?

  • AB

Dual Sim ?

  • Anonymous

I am due an upgrade. Currently have a Huawei Mate 20 Lite. I have been happy with it but not keen to stick with Huawei. Am considering a 4a. I know that after the Huawei I will be disappointed with battery life. Is there anything else that I will struggle with? I know it's smaller. Does it have a loudspeaker? I often use phone on loudspeaker. How does the camera compare to the 20mp Huawei? Anything else I should take into consideration?

  • Anonymous

P4a, 24 Sep 2020Overheating is a real issue when using video camera. Got a ... morePixel 3a also overheats when recording 1080p 60fps for more than 5-10 minutes.

  • Anonymous

xgudwilx, 26 Sep 2020Wifi 6 ready? The GSM specs don't mention Wi-Fi Yes, they clearly do: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

Phone guy 13, 25 Sep 2020I have this with a galaxy s5 snapdragon sucks at thermalStrange i use the video camera on my Pixel 3axl all the time and it never overheats. I was thinking of upgrading to the 4a but I get 7-10hrs SOT on my 3axl battery and after hearing all the 4a battery complaints no way. Plus I'm hooked on Squeezing my phone for Assistant. Not sure why this was removed in the 4a.

Azizul Islam, 25 Sep 2020It will be my next phone. I think this is best compact phon... moreWifi 6 ready? The GSM specs don't mention Wi-Fi

  • Anonymous

Yep, 25 Sep 2020good thing its only 350$ thenxD

  • Yep

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2020I doubt phone will last 3 updates, not built like Apple. Pl... moregood thing its only 350$ then

It will be my next phone. I think this is best compact phone. Love it.

  • Anonymous

P4a, 24 Sep 20204a is overheating when using video camera. When it gets too... moreSounds a dudd.

  • Anonymous

storemandan uk, 25 Sep 2020I really hope that android 10 isn't classed as the fir... moreI doubt phone will last 3 updates, not built like Apple. Plus screen issues already.i wouldn't pay $600 no way.

  • Anonymous

Trailesque, 14 Sep 2020I had one for a little over 2 weeks before it broke. It st... moreYou can re-implement 3-button navigation if you prefer! I can't reach across the device (because the meaning of "small phone" has become very distorted in the last decade), so I prefer the buttons. I agree on the battery being a let-down, it's pretty mediocre. There are so few "smaller" or mid-range options available right now, and none of them seem to do very well in terms of battery life. I don't have a functioning device to fall back to, so I hope mine doesn't end up with a real problem.