Google Pixel 5a 5G

Google Pixel 5a 5G

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Nothing different from my 4a 5G. 🤔

  • NS

If its available in India, I would buy it now!

  • .

Yet another tile on the wall... Pixel phones used to differ...feel so sad about them even whitout using one irl.

  • Anonymous

James Nana, 18 Aug 2021It's a gorrilla glass 6 not 3Ya, I also thought it was 6

It's a solid device at the price point. Availability in different regions is the disappointment.

I already have the 4a 4G which has a smaller screen and battery, but I pre ordered this already as it's an upgrade also with the IP67 rating! 90hz is nice to have, but I don't NEED it. Fact is most people don't! Forget specs, and focus on real life usage! The Pixel experience is buttery smooth even with 60hz. Most people eventually switch back to 60hz as it consumes more battery.

60hz plus WiFi with this thing is gonna last two days considering the fact my 4a 4G gets me through the day 7-8hrs SOT.

  • Anonymous

some random dude, 18 Aug 2021Slightly disappointed that the 5a is barely different from ... moreYes, battery life should be unbeatable in this segment, no 90hz and pixels os and adaptive battery should make it dominate

  • Anonymous

Alexandre, 18 Aug 2021So basically the only real reason this screen is not 90Hz i... moreYes they should have added it, but not having it is okay on pixel phones as they feel very fast and smooth compared to competition because of their os, same thing with cameras, outdated hardware, yet still at top of the game, how dare competitors not get up to the standard?

  • John

Alexandre, 18 Aug 2021So basically the only real reason this screen is not 90Hz i... moreI only use higher refresh rate for mobile gaming. For the rest of the time, I switch to 60Hz. So 60Hz screen is still relevant enough for me.

  • Anonymous

Screen width(73.7mm) is very little, where we used to in 75 or 76. Other seems ok.

Slightly disappointed that the 5a is barely different from the 4a 5G, but I am still interested in this phone. First Pixel to have a massive battery and an actually wide ultrawide. Really interested in the battery life of this thing. 60Hz, 1080p, 4680mAh, and efficient software. Really really interested.

It's a gorrilla glass 6 not 3

  • Wv Wang

I wish it had at least 90 hz screen

  • Insaaf pasand

First of all im a big fan,but sorry about pixel 5a baddest worthest phone ever 2years late for realease,and one more thing ,google another big mistake create about pixel 6 and pro already both are phones so much late for realease,google god bless u

  • yeahnop

Basically no difference since 4a5G, why this even exists

  • Anonymous

Can this be used outside of US and Japan? Can it connect to the mobile network?

  • John

CptPower, 18 Aug 2021Cost way too much. Realme master and master explorer editi... moreNeither the Realme GT Explorer Master nor the Xiaomj Mi 11 Lite 5G has a headphone jack, so they are immediately out of my list. The Realme GT Master does look interesting and it even has faster chipset than this particular Pixel, but Realme's update policy is less than stellar I must be honest.

  • Alexandre

So basically the only real reason this screen is not 90Hz is so that they can sell their Pixel 5 for the people who want something more snappy. Disregarding their customers whod rather have that on a bigger screen and bigger battery with 3.5mm jack. But still this Google fanboys are gonna praise this move like the good peasants they are. Even Samsung won't dare to sell people a 400$ phone with 60Hz just for the sake of it, these Google fanboys really spoiled that brand, they think they can get away with anything. Not to mention camera hardware from 2016, which they've been doing since forever

This should be the default phone to recommend.
Everything you really need, nothing you don't really.
This should have been the Pixel 5 last year, including the pricing and all.
Such a shame for the very limited market availability.

  • Vinit

Vekk, 18 Aug 2021No wireless charging? That's a major fail hereShould have add atleast 30W charging

  • Anonymous

Best phone ever