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Anonymous, 20 Oct 2021For anyone wondering about the update situation, they will ... moreWhen yu pay IPHONE prices, you can compare them. Now, instead you compare apples with oranges. You could say that about S21 Ultra, which has iphone price, but not about Google pixel.

You can also buy pixel pass and get a new pixel in 2023

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Sam Boga, 20 Oct 2021And also some people will fall for Google's marketing ... moreApple sure is marketing, but Google said there were years spent on making it, so we will see if what they said was true. Time will tell.

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For anyone wondering about the update situation, they will get 3 years of Android version updates (same as before) and 5 years of security updates (+2).
That is a move in the right direction but still cannot compete with Apple whose phones are now at 7 years of iOS major updates (IPhone 6s), and 7 (iPhone 6) or 8 (iPhone 5s) years of security updates.

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2021Agree with most parts. S:B ratio is disappointing and adds ... moreAnd also some people will fall for Google's marketing bs, and still buy it. Remember Snapdragon and even Mediatek spent years refining and optimising their chips, and from each chip generation the next becomes better. Google doesn't have those experiences and even Samsung manufacturing it doesn't help cause their exynos are still inferior to Snapdragon. The lower price could also be a hint that the performance isn't on par with current competition.

  • K1

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2021pixel 6 mini already in the wayr u sure?

In EU, it costs 649euro with Bose 700 included
If that's not a goddamn great deal, I don't know what is.

  • Me

I'm in with the P6.

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Anonymous, 19 Oct 2021It’s because processor is equivalent to snapdragon 778More like close to snapdragon 888


Anonymous, 19 Oct 2021No audio jack, an ugly camera bump that's definitely g... moreWell what, did you expect the case to cover the lens? Personally, the way it's designed, I think the camera bar makes it structurally sound, and since case lifts up a bit above camera ring, it supports the bar for protection.

Bravemars, 19 Oct 2021Does the ultra wide have autofocus or has Google missed the... moreSeeing as thought Google is dumping all the features on the 6 Pro (Better selfie, 4k selfie recording, Victus on back and 5mm wave), and Apple too on their 13 pros, I wouldn't be surprised if macro is only available on the 6 pro.

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Aditya, 19 Oct 2021What a disaster of a screen to body ratio at 83% ,even pixe... moreAgree with most parts. S:B ratio is disappointing and adds to the bulk. Anyway, not available in my country and that's frustrating too because both Apple and Samsung offer their best devices here all the time.

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Savitha, 20 Oct 2021Since Google pixel is not available in my country Im going ... moreWise decision. We bought one for a family member - the first Samsung for us and it is turning out to be a brilliant phone for the price. One UI is definitely better than I anticipated. The Samsung S20 FE 5G is also a nice option.

Holding on to my Pixel 2 for Google to make their flagships available here in India, but utterly disappointed with their 3 straight miss.

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Enceladus, 20 Oct 2021207g RIP Pixel as a compact phone. 😭pixel 6 mini

already in the way

207g RIP Pixel as a compact phone. 😭

r33fd, 19 Oct 2021No it's much better, stop spreading nonsense. Tenso... moreI think its actually closer to Snapdragon 888 GPU performance wise, for me GPU performance matters more in the long term

Damn those chins πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Anonymous

Ha Ha, who likes a large camera bump

Since Google pixel is not available in my country Im going for galaxy a52s which I think is a great phone. Better display, good battery backup, snap778, IP67 and the only drawback is plastic back which is ok at its price.

  • SolskjaerBD0S0km0

Ugly camera bump πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

--voltaire9, 20 Oct 2021Huh? There's no way you would know that. Get on with it.Well, actually there has been some leaked rumours about benchmarks on the Pixel 6, and he compared them to SD778g benchmarks. But I'd actually say they are between 870 and 888, like in the middle.