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I understand some of the complaints about this phone, like size and weight... It's like android ecosystem as a whole decided on its own that smaller phones have a too little of a niche so they are pushing people to buy iPhone minis. But blaming Google is dumb. I don't see anybody complaining about Xiaomi or Samsung premium phones size and weight despite the fact that only the regular S21 is smaller and lighter (and still an option for those who prefer Android). All the Mi 11 lineup is big and heavy. But even Apple didn't released the mini version until last year, and when they launched it many comments and reviews were very negative about the small screen and battery life and even started talking about it being a failure and probably not getting a second iteration... But there it is the 13 mini! So I think that Google's decision of launching only "big and bigger" models is logical for a first generation in terms of design and hardware (is exactly what Apple did) and I can only hope that they'll increase the variety of models in the near future

  • swine

Claude, 21 Oct 2021207g weight and nearly 160mm... So Google is the last one t... moreI'd love a modern flagship android phone at 5.5 inches

  • jig

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2021overprices AFIt's $599, 24 months 0% interest. That's pretty awesome. I held the phone today at Best Buy. Also, on another note - I'm used to a real compact device, and this didn't seem outrageous. It feels nice in the hand due to its thin body. Still not sold simply because I'm ok for now, but it's the only phone on my radar.

  • sumdumguy

Pintolo, 20 Oct 2021is the Pixel 6 DSDS?We probably won't know until a review is out. It's definitely dual-sim, but DSDS I dunno... Incidentally, was Pixel 4 & 5 DSDS?

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2021overprices AFNot even close.

  • Anonymous

overprices AF

  • Toby

Was wondering will the camera bar catch on jean pockets or are cases making it more level

  • Claude

207g weight and nearly 160mm... So Google is the last one to leave the decent-sized phone market, at least when talking about good performing devices... I don't know if I am the only one to think that way, does really everyone need those dimensions? One can still buy a compact tablet if really in need to go around with a big screen...

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2021Rest of the spec? 90Hz refresh rate - 8Gb DDR5 RAM, AMOLED... moreThere are no performance and battery reviews on pixel 6 as of this time. Please dont spread misinformation here.

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2021exynos is more mature than mediatek or snapdragon...just sa... moreYeah. The phone would be a hit if it had come out in 2019. The current phone market is too price competitive and in the specs war the chinese are winning every major markets. It made sense for google not to release it in places like India. But with all that said i hope google keeps on making pixel devices, even if they cant have a huge sell.

  • Anonymous

Numair Adil, 21 Oct 2021What an ugliest phone i have ever seen... Too much large be... moreRest of the spec? 90Hz refresh rate - 8Gb DDR5 RAM, AMOLED panel it's actually very very on par with what the Oppo X3 neo gives you and is cheaper then an S21 and gives better performance and battery life and in the UK it's like £599?! You crazy 🙄

  • Pixel buyer

We need Battery test as soon as possible!

  • Anonymous

Sam Boga, 20 Oct 2021And also some people will fall for Google's marketing ... moreexynos is more mature than mediatek or snapdragon...just samsung is dumb with the mali gpu

the first iphone and first google nexus had exynos processors in them (though they weren't called exynos back then)

  • Justin

How long until we see your review please?

Bit them all 😍😍😍😍

  • Skeeno

Numair Adil, 21 Oct 2021What an ugliest phone i have ever seen... Too much large be... moreIts 699$ ...

  • Techguy


  • swa

Anonymous, 20 Oct 2021207g far too heavy to be comfortable to use for me. Apple a... more207g too heavy? you wanted it to be weightless? how?

What an ugliest phone i have ever seen... Too much large bezels like 2012-13,
Rest of specifications also not justifying $ 1899..
In this price point we have dozens of options like an aero engine devices.. Totally waste of money to buy this crap from Google.. :-/

Two Cortex-X1s on a smartphone chip? I'm going to be curious about it's thermals.