Google's modular Ara smartphone to arrive in 2015

16 April, 2014

Google released the Module Developers Kit (MDK) for its Project Ara smartphone last week, and now more news has surfaced about the modular device. In December, the company will release an Android update for Ara devices, followed by the release of the first Ara phone in January of 2015.

Project Ara allows you to configure your purchase in a wide array of directions, including custom colors, images, and, of course, which components you need in your device. 3D printed textures will also be available, which should result in one or more modules that are pleasant to the touch.

Google experimented with phone customization in its Moto Maker tool for the Moto X, so you can expect a much more elaborate version of that around Christmastime for Project Ara.

Google hopes that Ara will take on the role of your primary smartphone for as long as 5-6 years, during which time you could pop in a new CPU or camera if yours gets a bit long on the tooth, rather than having to buy an all-new device once the latest tech rolls around.

The Ara has the potential to drastically change the way smartphones are approached - including a plethora of third-party applications - and we can't wait to see if the market will bite.