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  • Sha

AnonD-105779, 05 Sep 2016Hello my brother, I am thinking about buying this phone but at f... moreI bought this phone 2weeks ago call quality is better and under sunlight screen also clearly visible. Initially I also had doubt about buying this phone but now I am really happy about my selection, ultra power saving mode also really useful feature this phone have.

  • AnonD-105779

Mido, 03 Sep 2016The funny thing is.. I bought the 5X GR5 as spare phone while mo... moreHello my brother, I am thinking about buying this phone but at first I would like to know somethings about it
What about call quality
What about the screen especially under sun light
What about the camera
What about the quality of speaker..it's loud enough
I don't care about games,
I'm waiting for your reply and thank you so much

  • Sifat

AnonD-575675, 02 Sep 2016i am a gamer,can anyone tell me should i buy this phone or not p... moreNot for gaming bro

  • AnonD-580158

when is honor 5x kiw-l21 (UAE model) going to get update for marshmallow.

  • Khan

for gaming look into the snapdragon 820 and also 625 is good too

  • Mido

The funny thing is.. I bought the 5X GR5 as spare phone while moving from Iphone 5s going throw very very bad experience with (Xperia Z3 dual) ended with selling it and lose, I decided to get back to iOS with Iphone 6 or 6s ..

Now, I'm using it as main phone, battery life is awesome performance is great options and software modifications helps a lot, maybe if you turned from a high end devices like me you might feel the quality of sound and camera are a little low, I give it 8/10 2 for the camera quality and speaker sound but still I noticed big improvement for them in Android 6, can't wait for Android 7 which will be 100% supported for the device. Love Huawei

  • Sha

I bought this phone week ago and I am really happy about its performances. I previously used Samsung s5 and HTC m9 so initially I got this phone doubtful but now I feel this is the best phone I have ever used. Very user friendly nice finger print scanner, better camera, not heating when gaming and internet.

  • AnonD-575675

i am a gamer,can anyone tell me should i buy this phone or not please....?

  • Val

AnonD-573154, 01 Sep 2016Please someone tell me the status of this device before and afte... moreAs of now, the performance is pretty good because of its emui 4.0, it runs so smooth without logs..

  • AnonD-573154

Please someone tell me the status of this device before and after the Android 6.0.1 update and what was removed and added. Is performance now better or worse?

  • Techno_Deep

Josef, 31 Aug 2016Please help!honour 5x otg supported mobile?No, it doesn't support OTG

  • AnonD-576039

Anointed , 29 Aug 2016Honor 5x blows all the phones in ur list in the water. You know ... moreI couldn't agree more! Huawei is proving a point that producing mid-ranged cost phones should be made with " premium quality ".

  • AnonD-576039

Syria, 29 Aug 2016hello Alana it ended with failure i dont know whats the probl... moreSyria I'm so sorry the package didn't work, if I kind one I'll let you know. And cool thing!

  • Josef

Please help!honour 5x otg supported mobile?

  • AnonD-578878

I support you @kman. i have no regrets over this one too. its a miracle baby and dear to keep well. its a good machine, very good one

  • kman

my gr5 got adroid 6 today
much more fasster

  • AnonD-471002

I'd ask for help, Imam Honor 5X, all was well until ječer not downloaded new software version KIW-L21 C432B340, now runs slower and mount applications is included in the background and consumes the battery faster, I do not know where more settings to adjust the application does not include sleeping, the music folder when you want otovriti setting Equlizer not we open it to adjust the sound, why not really know, katrofa, and I need it because a lot of listening to music, conversations and sending e-mails to include new we do not needs and I am in fact until yesterday was thrilled Honor 5X, or after updating a lot longer isto.Pišem Croatian and I would ask you to help with this. From the first day of use application Batery doctor.

  • Azerbaijan_Tebriz

gr8 i bought this mobile phone its very great !
Nobody can say this is bad or....

  • Nisha.

Hi My dear all Friend , I'm From India i wanna buy this handset can i get it in our country if is avilable then what will be the exact cost and also ask you that who have already use this handset what is the Performance are getting from these handset or Experience..all..and now we are everyone knows everyday we are getting new handset and better configuration of Low cost so which is best ..
Thank You All.. I was waiting your Positeve response..

  • don diego

I bought this device just few days ago. Yes this device really delivers. If you're just focusing on commnication apps like, facebook, messanger, chat, skype, instagram... yes this device is for you! If you're not picky about gaming and not critic how fast the phone is. If you're just using it for business and communication. This is great.