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  • Anonymous

When will it release in Asia?

  • iSkywing

I have been using since Jan. So far, I am satisfied its overall performance except the battery - large screen, fast internet access, nice userfriendly interface. The battery performance is slightly short but this is predictable as only 1230mAh with 4.3" screen... A issue I encountered is the phone will automatically restart after I turn on "Hotspot" function few minutes.

  • brad

Hi to all i have this phone got it now for 4 days and all i can say is WoW its the best in terms of Everything im so happy that i have spent money on this Awesome Device

  • west

m, 03 May 2011plz help me,someone stolen my dhd,unfortunately i dont remember ... moreHI

do you have your phone receipt or phone box with a label at the back the IMEI might there

  • Gajendra Saini

I have been using HD2 for over two months now. It's a great phone but the biggest single challenge is it's Bettery and talk time standby. It seems to be one of biggest constraints. May be HTC will have to act upon the same quickly.

  • AP

I recently upgraded my phone via vodafone and got the HD Desire HD. Overall I have been impressed with its features and the fats internet access through web pages. However, there has been a downfall - maybe this is down to personal experience. All phone network suppliers (vodafone, O2, T-Mobile) do not offer unlimited internet browsing. The options you have is 500mb, 750mb or 1gb.

I upgraded to 1000mb which is eqivalent to 1gb. Its been a month since I upgraded and have realised I have used up a lot of internet usuagE (400MB in space of 2 weeks) I explained this all to Vodafone and say its down to the phone because it works on Higher Definition. I phoned up and received an email from HTC Customer Services that this is not the case. Furthermore, my wife has the same phone with T-Mobile and has not exceeded that limit. On my previous contract I had unlimited access and only used 250mb on average.

I am appalled by the service from Vodafone on this phone. Please can anyone help? or have had the same experience. I have gone through all the settings with HTC Customer services to reduce the usuage.

I am now using my phone wireless through home internet because i am worried about exceeding my limit.

Your help and experience with this phone is much appreciated.

Kind Regards.


  • Nafiz

Have been using this phone for over 3 months now and I am very satisfied with it's performance. Can't really think of any negatives. The phone is one of the best available in the market. Looks quite good too.

  • Jat

unko, 02 May 2011I have bought this phone few days ago. Very nice phone with some... moreHey Unko.. You can change the ringtone. You can even assign your music as a ringtone. Let me know if you get it. Then I'll explain further.

  • brad

Universe804, 02 May 2011Hi, I'm living in South Africa. Just wanna know... I heard Leaf(... moreHi I'm also in south africa this phone is awesome but jus remember that the battery does not last long and if u set the apps to update automatically it will use a lot of data which means that your phone bill will sky rocked but overall I have this phone now for 3 days and I jus love it also your can consider the samsung galaxy s Awesome phone and as for the update there isn't one avaialble at the moment Good Luck With your decision as to which phone to get.....

  • cooza

unko, 02 May 2011I have bought this phone few days ago. Very nice phone with some... moreDownload whatsapp from the market app on your phone or from 4shared app which you can also download through the market app via your fine.

  • Vdias

Overall the Desire HD is a fantastic phone somewhat letdown with a abysmal battery and a mediocre speaker. No amount of battery-saving technique changes the fact that it's only a 1230 mAh battery. Compare that with any other recent smartphone which packs at least 1400+ mAh and you'll realise why even moderate to light usage will kill the battery fast. The speaker's volume is nowhere near loud enough and a google search for "Desire HD volume" will find scores of forum posts of owners trying to find ways to boost the volume of the speaker. If you look past these shortcomings though you will find a feature packed, excellect android phone with a very large screen that that's big but not so big that it won't fit in your pocket.

Just remember to carry the usb charger cable along with you and keep your ear out for the phone's ringing sound.

  • AnonD-7615

Using HTC Desire HD from Past 3 months.
Over all phone is good.
Bit Bulky and Battery life is not good.

  • AnonD-27

Sid, 01 May 2011the wait for 2.3.3 for my GoD fone is killing !!! Dear HTC ... moreDude, honestly, HTC wouldn't update the sense. But xda developers are porting the sense 3.0 into this phone

  • AnonD-27

Universe804, 02 May 2011Hi, I'm living in South Africa. Just wanna know... I heard Leaf(... moreI have to say that this phone has a huge community support, you dun have to wait for the offical update, you cn simply log into xda developers forum and there are tons of Rom or you to flash on this fantastic phone.

  • m

plz help me,someone stolen my dhd,unfortunately i dont remember imei no.and i lost the box there any way to get my phone back?.

  • AnonD-27

Anonymous, 01 May 2011It,s actually an inquiry! I just bought HTC desire HD. Good WiFi... moreusing dlna

  • JDL

Universe804, 02 May 2011Hi, I'm living in South Africa. Just wanna know... I heard Leaf(... moreI have been using it now for 3 months and I have had no problems what so ever. The battery life is not great but the phone is wonderfull.. I would recommend it to anyone. It really is a smart phone with allot of apps availeble and easy to use.

  • Shibu

Past two months iam using this HTC DESIRE HD Excellent Amazing Marvellous Awesome,android market HTC likes HTC hub app are very good.

  • unko

I have bought this phone few days ago. Very nice phone with some minor default like the fact that we can't change the phone ringtone, problem don't last if we use the phone for long hours, ...
Does someone know how if whatsapp work on HTC desire hd ? I've downloaded it from but the app doesn't seem to work on my phone...

  • Universe804

Hi, I'm living in South Africa. Just wanna know... I heard Leaf(importers of HTC) were messing with the firmware and so on. Has anybody had any problems with this phone? Upgrading in June... Really like this phone, but wanna make sure I'm not going to shoot myself after the upgrade..

Thanx in advance