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  • rat

i need to gingerbread 2.3.3 for this phone , Android gingerbread 2.3.3 with this phone is a bomb

  • walker

have you guys experienced losing all your SMS? I've lost all my messages this morning...

  • DB

desire hd dude, 07 Mar 2011Hi! I have question to my fellow HTC Desire Users in the... moreCheck your APN (Access Point Names)settings.

  • AnonD-3011

Abdul Basit, 07 Mar 2011hotmail in DHD accepts only short passwords ... Less than 14 cha... morethanks very much

  • Anonymous

Gr8 phone....I don't get call waiting notifications when I get the when I am making a call....

  • Rob

i m using desire hd but i found its battery life is very short, maxium 6 to 7 hours. my question why htc makes this rubbish battery for this mobile????? its not fair i m suffering everyday of my life with this mobile. please comment........

  • sam

I chose dhd over Apple i4 and Im glad I did. Thank you HTC! Any clue if 2.3 upgrade is available for the dhd?

  • Raul7

hello all
i have the DHD the greatest phone ever but i have small thing i can not load the online contacts on yahoo messenger any idea for solving this problem ??
am using WIFI the version of messenger
thanks a lot

  • Sid

I am using this phone for some time now and i believe that its a GOD fone !!!

Pls do suggest how to officially upgrade to 2.2.1

Thks in advance

  • desire hd dude


I have question to my fellow HTC Desire Users in the Philippines or anyone who maybe able to help.

I recently bought this phone and MMS does not work. I already went to GLOBE (my carrier) and had them configure it. After several attempts it still did not work. My internet configuration has already been saved and works fine. I observed that everytime I save the MMS settings, it wont have a button that turns orange when you tick it just like what my internet settings has. I heard that you need to alter them depending what service you need to use ( internet or mms) by ticking on the button. But how could that be possible if there is no button to tick on and select MMS?! I need to use both service but it just wont let me. I love the phone. Its great but it is giving a horrible problem solving this issue.. I can resort to the "ticking method" for as long as i have that button to tick on but there's none!


  • Arafat

I want to buy this phone. what abuout its battery backup??

  • Abdul Basit

AnonD-3011, 04 Mar 2011does any one have a remedy for linking hotmail...i keep getting ... morehotmail in DHD accepts only short passwords ... Less than 14 characters ..... so try to shorten you password and try again.

  • mnr

AnonD-763, 07 Mar 2011didn't get you!!!!!! can u clarify??thank u for repliying to my question is how to identify original htc desire hd from local htc desire hd.are there any serial cords to identify original htc phones?or are there any special charators in the 4n to identify is it a original one or not.

  • abhi

Bought Desire HD a month ago.i just love it & so used ot it now.It's really worth it apart from battery.But it's understandable due to big display.Guys,this phone is d best in my experience compared to my iphone4 also..........Simply incredible...

  • gusnoss

from owning one i can say that this phone is a great phone to have, its got basically everything you need and more specially cuz android lets you customize the phone to your own specs, but when it comes to the battery. One tends to think why you'd build such a nice phone with such a crappy battery. if you depend on your phone heavily for day to day use don't even think of getting this phone as it won't last you even a full day. If you tweak it and run app killers from time to time you might get a days use out of it. The phone is a toy that you could show off to your friends but not a good phone to rely on .

  • AnonD-763

mnr, 07 Mar 2011if u are a user of htc desire hd plz notice some importent CHEAT... moredidn't get you!!!!!!

can u clarify??

  • Alchemist

3 simple words : THE 'GOD PHONE'. DOES almost anything. grt design, grt camera, grt hardware, only u hav 2 kno how 2 use the battery.. :) :)

my Desire HD Rocks..

  • AnonD-1181

Ihave ordered one barely there protective cover for my it good and safe?

  • mnr

if u are a user of htc desire hd plz notice some importent CHEATS(SERIALS) to identify original htc desire hd from local one.urgent.plz.

  • mnr

if u are a user htc desire hd plz notice some CHEAT CODES to identify original desire hd from local desire hd.urgent.plz