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  • Anonymous

Choosing a smartphone these days is getting rather frustrating!! Of course our needs evolve as new technologies become available but why oh why do we have to make such sacrificies:

Nokia N8: Symbian OS still looks outdated...
Samsung Galaxy S: Very poor camera for still shots with no Flash!!
HTC DHD: battery life sucked in about 1 day!!

(I exclude the SE X10 and Iphone 4 because I hate them both for different reasons)

So, seriously!?!? Where is that industry leading us?? What´s that strategy??

Unfortunately for me, I will HAVE to pick one of these because I really need a phone and I am tired of waiting, not for the perfect phone but for one that suits ALL my basic requirements...

Now, since Symbian will always be Symbian and that you can´t add a flash to the Galaxy S, I think I will go for the DHD hoping that the battery issue will get solved. Software upgrade or 3rd party 1500mAh battery, not sure what´s the most probable or what would come first...

If anyone has any clue, please enlight me!


  • Anonymous

And that court cases have already had a impact on Android's development. V2.3 has been pushed back to the end of the year, while v3.0 will only come next year. How sad :-(

  • Anonymous

Android is gonna die,

Well, if someone steals your code line for line they have a pretty darn reason to sue. Android is by far the only OS that has more stolen components from other vendors, "none" of it was actually written by Google. Thus why Apple is Sueing HTC, MS is sueing Motorola and now Oracle sueing Google directly. All of it revolves around the Android platform. The whole OS is ripped off from someone elses work, pretty pathetic if you ask me.

I thought Google's unofficial slogan was "Don't be Evil" I guess they forgot their own motto

  • Anonymous

I have 'played' with both and my vote goes to the samsung tab. If the HD had a 5in screen it might have had a chance . . . And the weak battery is a big draw back too. I belive there is a after market battery available for it though.Both devices are too big to be used as regular phones. For that I am using a 80gram cheap Nokia :-)

  • A.K.A

HTC DESIRE HD VS. SAMSUNG TAB, SLCD vs. TFT, 8MP vs 3:15MP, Touchwiz Vs. HTC sense, internal Memory 1.5GB vs. 16/32GB, No Secondary camera Vs. Secondary camera, 4.3” vs. 7”, Dolby Sorround Vs. No Dolby Sorround, battery 1234MAH vs. 4000MAH. both of two has good phone, has differences. if you want better LCD,SOUND,camera,UI go for HTC DESIRE HD, if you want better higher memory,Secondary camera,powerfull battery go for samsung tab. guys you know android OS is easily eating battery need powerful battery. Gudluck HTC DESIRE HD AND SAMSUNG TAB USERS.

  • Skyjack*10

[deleted post]Hi Peter
Don`t buy SGS i9000. I have the Omnia 2, it freezes on internet, has poor connectivity and other minor issues. Although the i9000 has a faster CPU (1G ), the unit still has similar problems. I think Samsungs phone software technology needs to improve a bit more!

I have been researching the DHD for quite sometime now. This is an impressive performer. I have personally tried the Desire which is comparable to my Omnia 2. The Desire`s internet connectivity and performance beats the Omina 2 hands down! My only concern is it`s battery life. For some reason DHD has gone for a smaller capacity battery. I admit there may be no perfect phone, but DHD is pretty close. Will ditch my Omnia 2 for the DHD soon!Good luck mate.

  • joe

Got the desire HD two days ago and it is really quite good, however the battery life is going to be a pain in the ass for people who don't intend on carrying a charger with them all the time.... i'm running out after around 9/10 hours and this isn't even heavy usage. A real shame, but it is so damn quick and nice to use... Am happy with it, but here begins the 24 month contract :/

  • Jer

Hey does anyone know if the DLNA capability on the Desire HD allows you to connect to devices other than your HDTV. Im interested to know if i can send data to my windows 7 pc. To be able to "play to" windows media player for instance ????


  • mick

i've had this phone since friday 22nd oct and i have a mobile phone accessorie and unlocking business so i know a little bit about them and this phone will kill the iphone dead i had a 3gs and 4g and they are rubbish in comparison the best phone i've ever had

  • Anonymous

remarkable phone..

  • Anonymous

missing front camera for 3g video it is best smart phone in the world?? and unknown size of rom

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2010Does it have a secondary camera to make a video call? In sp... moreit may b light sensor

  • sud

just superb

  • Anonymous

DHD does not have 2nd camera for video calling!!!

  • Anonymous

Does it have a secondary camera to make a video call? In specifications, we can see it is mentioned to not have a 2nd camera, but if yoy look it carefully, you can find out a spot looked like a 2nd camera besides its speaker.
Can anyone help me solve this puzzle?

  • Bradley

darren, 28 Oct 2010htc desire hd is not available what so ever until november ... moreActually it's already out in the west, and it will hit Eastern countries by 2nd week of November

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2010That actually isn't really possible because this phone has ... moreMate do you even own the phone? I have had it for 6 days and yes the sound on my 5800 was better

  • SillyAttitude

If your phone battry is running just for three hours then there is a problem with you pone you better to send it for repairing . Beacuse i have this phone and by the full use mean listening songs , playing games emails Txt. my battery goes for one day easily with a full charge. i just turn off the screen Animations and thats all.

  • Amy

can the area by the volume control be clipped of?? and if so whats it for?

  • Anonymous

just to clarify my last post, i meant 3 hours after a full charge