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  • Anonymous

My HTC DHD 3 hours after a full charge battery life goes down by 15%, power saver is on, brightness on low, wi-fi off, in them three hours i've only received and made calls totalling 5 mins max, no surfing and no playing games, is this normal.

  • B

Dear Android-experts,
I have always had Windows mobile phones, but I am considering to switch to Android because of all the possibilities to adjust the phone to my liking, and because of the vast amount of apps.
There's just 1 thing holding me back : is there an equivalent of windows MyPhone on Android phones?(I have a hotmail account!) I find it very useful to sync my contacts, calendar appointments, messages ... over 3G/WiFi with a personal webpage (like MyPhone on Wndows Live)
Anyone of you experts can give me some explanation?

  • Roland

Hey, anyone in here owning this 'phone'? How do you carry it? Can it be put in a belt pouch like a normal cell phone? It looks a bit big for that. Can one buy a small carry bag for it? What is better and safer for the device? I see is not much smaller then the 7in Samsung phone/tablet.

  • Pretender

Hey guys i want to tell you this don't comment about this phone or another phone if u don't have one of these brand's why one of u build a phone with 20 mp on camera adroid 6.0 ore windows 9 and then put loudspeaker or 3g or what u want i think if u want to buy a phone u buy it and that's all

  • sajad khan

UzI, 27 Oct 2010The camera is phenomenal best one from HTC and Android, the... morethanks a lot buddy. u ppl r doing an excellent review of this phone, even better then its forum.

  • Milan

does this phone have xbox capability or is that just the other htc range?

  • darren

Paul from the Neths, 27 Oct 2010Don't get my wrong, i think the HTC DHD is at the moment on... morehtc desire hd is not available what so ever until november 1st i was informed!!??

  • vish

gsmarena should state in their reviews how the speakers sound...even in the review of htc desire they have given it a excellent mark but many people say its speakers sound terrible..

  • andrew

i am from canada! how can i get this phone!? i am so glad i found this phone, i was orginally going to get the galaxy S, but when i found out it had no flash. WTF? what is the point??? it can do EVERYTHING but not flash? pretty weak IMO. but ya, when does this phone get released in the USA? i will drive across the border and buy it!

  • Ahmad

I was deciding against samsung omnia 7 or htc desire HD. samsung one has windows mobile seven and super amoled screen four inches. I really want windows seven phone os , but I guess I will get second phone second hand one maybe htc Mozart would be good choice. Its good to have two phones , I will sell all my old phones.

I would highly reccomend The desire HD or samsung omnia 7 . These are the two bestest phone on the planet , the third bestest phone iz iPhone four.

I hope this has been helpful if not well I done my best.

Ahmad , UK

  • Paul from the Neths

TC, 27 Oct 2010Why buy this phone if you only use it as any normal mobile-... moreDon't get my wrong, i think the HTC DHD is at the moment one of the best smartphones in the world. I have only bad words about the built-in speaker. I'm very happy with this phone and glad i've bought it.

  • Paul from the Neths

LPUer, 27 Oct 2010Paul from somewhere, can you please tell us what do you fel... moreNETHERLANDS, Holland, land of the tulips, wooden clogs and windmills, drop, cheese, water and dikes...

About the 3G connection: it is not stable but never lost connection or freezing (my findings). I must note that most of the time i'm using Wi-fi for internet connection.

  • Paul from the Neths

Tautvydas, 27 Oct 2010Powerful Hello Kitty :-Dhahaha

  • Anonymous

Just got this sucker today. It's very, very good. I am basically blown away, but it is my first smartphone :)

  • Anonymous

I think the n8 is the way to go. Why can't HCT build something serious?

  • LPUer

Paul from somewhere, can you please tell us what do you fell about the 3G data conection?! Is it true its terrible and freeze anytime?! Tks!!!

  • love.yash

HTC Desire hd android 3.0 good 20.1.2011

  • UzI

sajad khan, 27 Oct 2010bro, i sold my omnia hd [ a v powerful alrounder fone], to ... moreThe camera is phenomenal best one from HTC and Android, there is several apps in the market where you can use the led's as an torch.


  • lilly

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gsmaarena boys come one review this phone dying to see ur reviews

  • sajad khan

Paul from the Neths, 27 Oct 2010Still waithing for GSMarena to review this one, i'm very cu... morebro, i sold my omnia hd [ a v powerful alrounder fone], to get this big daddy, bro will u plz tell me about the camera strenght coz everyone is saying it has a v bad camera. and one more thing will u plz tell me can we use its led as a torch through a 3rd party app like the symbian phones. plzzz