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I have a feeling when GSmarena makes a review the disadvantages will be:
1)- Mot AMOLED
2)-Battery Life
3)- The speaker

  • Paul from the Neths

Still waithing for GSMarena to review this one, i'm very curious what they will say about the DHD.

  • Paul from the Neths

Hahaha, yeh jus't laugh about it, it's the RollsRoyce under the phones with an Yoko mounted stereo in it hahaha.

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Paul from the Neths, 27 Oct 2010Had a Legend before this one, had also a bad build in speaker (n... morehahahahaha,
Yea, me too. cant believe with such powerful phone it has a very bad speakers....huuuuhhh.
Hope HTC release modified one with such a correction..

  • Paul from the Neths

0v0, 27 Oct 2010yup. I am with you Paul when it comes about the speakers. Everyt... moreHad a Legend before this one, had also a bad build in speaker (not loud, no bass and therefore sounding shrill). I don't know why HTC is putting bad speakers in their phones in this pricerange. The Hello Kitty phone ($50) from my daughter is sounding better, i'm not joking!!

  • Paul from the Neths

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2010That actually isn't really possible because this phone has the b... moreWe are talking about the built in speaker of this phone, that one s*cks. Yes, the sound through a connected (good) headphones like an AKG K319 i have, sounds extremely good.

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Paul from the Neths, 27 Oct 2010It's great huh! Please Taz read my instructions to improve batte... moreyup. I am with you Paul when it comes about the speakers. Everything else can be ignored in the phone EXCEPT bad & poor speakers. Thats why I've changed my mind...:(


  • Paul from the Neths

Taz, 27 Oct 2010I have had the phone for 5 days now and my first android phone..... moreIt's great huh! Please Taz read my instructions to improve battery life a few posts down. I have this baby now for 12 days and battery is running 1,5 day (regular user)! So at normal use 2 days must be possible. Yes the internal speaker is a bad thing. You must choose a loud ringing tone, gladly the sound through a connected headphones is very good. Short battery life i can live with that, but a bad sounding built in speaker is a bad thing for a phone like this.

  • Anonymous

Taz, 27 Oct 2010I have had the phone for 5 days now and my first android phone..... moreThat actually isn't really possible because this phone has the best Sound on a mobile device at the moment, It is SRS Surround Sound, theirs noooo way that the 5800 has better sound. And S-LCD is not in competition with AMOLED, it is alot better than normal AMOLED it competes with SUPER AMOLED and it has been reviewed by many large mobile review companies that S-LCD is alot better and more realistic, I totally agree with you about where the sound should be and I also think its big but I kinda like it, the screen size and the thin aluminium. Cool fact, this phone isnt a smartphone it is now officially the Worlds First Superphone

  • Taz

I have had the phone for 5 days now and my first android phone...

Bad bits:
- Battery only lasts about a day..although I'm told it should improve after a few discharges and re-charges
- Screen is not as good as AMOLED ....but doesn't bother me
- It's VERY big to use with just one hand...most of the times I use two hands! or put it on a desk/table top and use it.
- the volume rocker should be on the right side of the phone becuse everytime I try to press the power/standby button at the top I end up pressing the volume keys too!
- Sound is not fact my Nokia 5800 was twice as good when it comes to sound!

Good bits:
- photos and vids look great on the big screen!
- Android with the new HTC Sense UI kicks a**!
- Web browsing is awsome and quick!
- love the syncing of everything with my facebook and google account
- Very fast and fluid compared to my poor symbian nokia 5800

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[deleted post]you will find it in Carefiour Kuwait .

  • cris

Is this phone beter then HTC HD7?
They are very similar and in my opinion android is better at the moment, but I think win7 has a potencial to be beter....
please help me I'm not sure wich one to buy!! :))

  • Anonymous

Why doesn't GSM arena review Desire HD?

  • Anonymous

where is gsm review already??? cmon gsm get ur act together!

  • Anonymous

WHY can't HTC increase on-board memory? If the dolts at apple can include 16/32GB then so can HTC. The card slot is good but "on-board" mem should be at least 16GB too. Otherwise, looking good!!

  • andrew.matten

Gingerbread was earlier rumored to require at least a 1GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and a minimum screen size of 3.5 inches on devices that would run the operating software. This led to speculations that Gingerbread, which was again rumored to launch in mid-October, would be aimed at tablets, since most smartphones did not fulfill the hardware requirements for the software.

Gingerbread was also said to offer a resolution of 1280×760 pixels in devices that had screens larger than 4 inches in size. Android 3.0 would also incorporate a new user interface that would reduce the dependence on customized UIs from handset manufacturers, such as the MotoBlur and Sense UI. The user interface was said to be similar to the 3D Gallery app that is present in Android 2.2.

The clarification of the Android 3.0 Gingerbread rumors as being untrue, by Google employee Dan Morill, is being presently treated as the last word on the matter until more rumors surface, or Google itself makes an announcement.

Read more:­gingerbread-rumored-features-listed-google-emplo­yee-plays-spoilsport/#ixzz13XIwzpFG

  • shydz

Come on GSM - review the phone already! I want to get it, but need your review first!

  • BB


  • BB

Just got the Desire HD today, from my experience the phone is extremely fast and everything runs smoothly. The screen looks gorgeous and games look amazing, and there are plenty of great games on the market like Angry Birds (which is free). Furthermore, there are many great apps preloaded on the phone, which are very useful and add to the overall experience.
The build quality is exceptional, and even though the phone is very big, it doesn't feel that big in the hand and in fact feels very comfortable (maybe due to rounded edges or the fact I have large hands). Either way, the phone feels solid, and it is true to say that the phone is quite the looker! The new version of HTC Sense is, as always, exceptionally good, and it brings many customisable options such as widgets, skins and scenes to the phone home screens.
At this moment I cannot comment on the battery life as I haven't been using it long enough and lastly, it is true to say that the speakers are poor.
All in all this is a fantastic device for so many reasons, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to but a new smart phone.

  • Skyjack*10

[deleted post]Wow Droid terminator, this must one hell of a pocket rocket! Am very keen on this. Any idea of price?