HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD

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  • htc lover

I don't see the option to replace the battery...the cover shows only the sim and card slot.

  • Anonymous

taz, 16 Sep 2010Please HTC fit (at least) these features into max 110x60x10 mm, ... moreexcept the 4.3'' screen of course,that's impossible.
ok lenght can be 120mm :-D

  • taz

Please HTC fit (at least) these features into max 110x60x10 mm, and then I'll buy that no matter the cost.

  • husi

IS that their new display? how good is that compared to AMOLED?

  • Anonymous

i came, i saw, i htc.

  • Anonymous

Yeah, I used be a fan of Apple until I used HTC. HTC is the Best Bar None.

  • Anonymous

HTC is the BEST mobile-phone company EVER.

  • dr.bgj

With battery 1230 mAh ,this beast will be a BRICK BRICK ,BRICK or STONE by EVENING .EVO 4G with with 1500 mAh wont last more than 9 to 10 hours on moderate use.My friends use to laugh at my HD2 with 1250mAh for twice charging in a day.

Shame on HTC ,they did it purposely so that we all be compelled to buy their extended or additional batteries.

htc= money sucker

  • Rip

A 4.3" TFT screen using android with a Li-Ion 1230 mAh???? What a joke!!! And a bad one too!!!!

  • Talesia

Battery HTC Desire HD:

Li - Ion, 1230 mAh

9.16 hours (550 mins) of Talk time

420 hours (18 days) of Stand-by time

  • Coolworld

TFT, what a let down for an all together superb phone, ridiculous screen unless in-doors and in the dark

  • De

whats up with you idiots who want a front facing camera? No one does face to face chat. and what are the chances of the other person have a front camera too?
Ill take this over the GalaxyS. A FLASH is more important than some stupid front cam

  • Gdenall

I can not show my genitals in video conferencing ... that is so very sad..fuck the frontside camera the cell is perfect.....

  • Jon

Can you all just stop bitching about video calling and front facing cameras?

Have a teaspoon of cement in you coffee and harden up!

  • mortuus

Yikes, what were they smoking giving a battery only 1230 mah ? that thing will not hold the phone for a day of active use, should been at least 1500 like on most other phones that house a 4,3" screen.. crazy htc.

  • srb

opa! best phones on market!

  • mate55fk

noooo. secondary is NO. i want galaxy s.

  • Monty

need a phone with video calling HTC you suck!

  • Alu

STILL no front facing camera, and Galaxy S still has AMOLED, so this has beaten the Galaxy S by a hair. Or maybe its even a draw. Not everyone needs 8MP on a fone, some will find the front facing cam more useful. The aluminium body is a plus, but thats balanced out by Samsungs SUPER AMOLED display. I have been waiting for this, so I still want one; will have to get a Nokia C5 for video calls, carrying two fones, urrgh! Why does Android hate video calls so much?????