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  • Anonymous

Hi I own this device.when ever I go to the marketplace, and try to download an app, I get error c101a24b. What does this mean?


htc top brand

  • PhonePersonality

Nader AZIZ, 03 Dec 2010I dont know what Microsoft was thinking to do such a mobile, imm... moreSounds like an iPhone. LOL.
It can be challenging and does require some out of the box thinking at times.
If you don't wanna transfer hotmail contacts, simply create a hotmail account that has no contacts and make that account your primary account. The phone supports multiple email accounts from different email providers and since my contacts are synched with google, this is pretty much what I did to ensure that my hotmail and gmail accounts didn't overlap.

  • PhonePersonality

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2010Ringer gets set to silent randomly, I'm not changing the setting... moreThe only way it goes to 'silent' is if the vibrate feature is disabled in the system settings. If not, it will go to vibrate if you hold down the volume button until the volume bar goes all the way down...OR if you tap the ringer icon on the upper right hand corner of the phone while reducing the volume...this is surprisingly easy to do accidentally, by the way.

  • Anonymous

Ringer gets set to silent randomly, I'm not changing the settings, my friend is having the same issue with her HTC HD7 phone, anyone else?

  • hestiate

Can I watch my internet tv that use silverligth in windows 7?

  • Nader AZIZ

I dont know what Microsoft was thinking to do such a mobile, immagine: you can't connect your phone to PC as mass storage, you can't connect it using windows divice mobile center, YOU CAN'T SYNC CONTACTS WITH OUTLOOK you have to import contacts in hotmal from outlook (200 contact Max) than synchronise your phone with your hotmail. Immagine you can't receive Blue tooth from other HTC windows 6 phone or any other phone, Immagine you can't install CAB files and more and more and more of stupid things microsoft did.
i wish i didn't change my HD2 to HD7, the HD2 was much better.

  • Anonymous


Go to YouTube and search for "Future of Screen Technology" by TATMobileUI. You'll be surprised by the innovation in UI these people had. BTW, they made the UI for Android Froyo.

Someone at Symbian should see that.

  • Suresh Kumar

This device is very nice. I like it

  • xis

You can't choose your own mp3 songs as a ring tone. What were they thinking? Obviously they were thinking about money. Because you'll have to download ringtones.

  • mantugaul.wordpress.

my personal review about hd7:

  • richard

I live in germany, i didn't have that much of faith in HTC, but this phone is incridible, its awesome fast, love every bit of it

  • Anonymous

most features of this phone are good, but the ui is very ugly which prevents me from buying it...

  • Anonymous

The HD7 is really a great phone to use.apart from the really limiting battery life, easily fixed with a portable charger, everything works great.the keyboard feels great and typing is a breeze with such a large virtual keyboard. Highly recommended. Another problem is the fingerprint attractive screen with can be solved with a screen protector. So its a great phone overall.

  • dave

Why would you want this phone???
No memory card slot, poor battery and all the limitations that windows 7 has its like the first iphone all over again.

  • Sameer

My roommate owned the HTC HD2 and i didnt like it that much as i owned a Android. But just bought HTC HD7 and it blew me away. This phone is expectionally good. MS OFFICE apps like Word, Power Point, One Note... even OUTLOOK. Microsft has improved its MarketPlace (for Apps) also. The new live tiles display is also nice. It will take you a day or 2, to get use to the new concept of Live Tiles as Homescreen but is worth it.

***** (5 Stars)

  • nobody

Just buy HD2 and use os u like, wm6.5, android, wm7 or even win95 and xp run on this shit. If not get iphone4
because only those 2 mobilephone worth to buy

  • Bojan

What the hell were they thinking with 1230 battery and 65 nm processor!? I believe this can't survive even a day without a charger.

  • Anonymous

Iphone Addict, 27 Nov 2010It's true but you don't have to rub it in. I've tried thrice tim... moregood on you man! totally restricts your freedom of choice for other devices...

  • style

the os on this phone sucks ! i had it for 5 days and didnt like it! I now have the new my touch and i love it ! thanks tango & qik