HTC One (M8)

HTC One (M8)

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  • AnonD-87921

4mpx again? the ultrapixel tech is not enough to deliver great photos. pixel count yes, is not the decissive point, but 4mpx is just awfull. I have had a One a few months ago and I was badly impressed by the camera performance.

So much better than what Samsung offers with the S5. Too bad people still go for something they think is better, because of marketing. This things will blow away the S5 and it will be probably cheaper. If you want an Android flagship, this will fit perfectly.

  • Anonymous

lol, 25 Mar 2014Dont be stupid..front camera is 5mp back camera is ULTRAPIXEL no... moreEducate yourself please. Don't make a fool out of yourself. Ultrapixel is the term that HTC use on their so-called better technology. In reality, it's just 4MP with Ultrapixel technology which means with bigger pixel size. IMO, sensor size is more important than pixel size.

  • ankitanvi

Omg, htc lost a big chance :-(
4 ultrapixel=fail
Sony Z2 is way bettrrrr...!!

  • AnonD-183005

I think it is a good mobile but ilove real HTC one m7 because it has,ois where as m8 relays on digital stabilization I love both help me to buy wwhich one I already have iphone5s in it the digital stabilization works good but na as much as ois

  • AnonD-141150

lol Ultrapixel is nothing but just Megapixel only .... it's so that the individual pixels are just a little bigger than usual ...

  • AnonD-126679

Launch in 25 minutes !

  • young

lol, 25 Mar 2014Dont be stupid..front camera is 5mp back camera is ULTRAPIXEL no... more4ULTRAPIXEL doesnt meant more pixels, stills 4MEGAPIXEL

Ah and that image sensor isnt much bigger than the rest
of the competition ( lumia 1020, z1..etc ).

Plz, dont be noob, and first learn what is ULTRAPIXEL,
sounds good, but in reality, sucks, i prefer 13MP
that will work better downscaled to 4MP than a 4MP
with bigger sensor.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

AnonD-243544, 25 Mar 2014i don't care about 3d or 2d . i don't care about htc sense i wil... moreSolution- buy a smaller phone and CM dooesnt alway make use of waht could be a fantastic camera.A lot of stock

  • lol

Dont be stupid..front camera is 5mp back camera is ULTRAPIXEL not ur research b4 you talk isht..

  • eifelis

AnonD-237762, 25 Mar 2014lol the front camera is better than back!!LOL, no.
In back it has two cameras.

  • AnonD-243544

i don't care about 3d or 2d . i don't care about htc sense i will always boot it and flash CM.
i just want the phones not to get any bigger than this . the s4 currently is the maximum size i can hold and have as a phone i do not think if u make any other phone bigger the phone will be better . this uses more power than s4 but both are the same batter capacity .. nonsense

  • AnonD-234697

Hey guys...another beautiful hands on of htc m8vs htc m7...check out the has improved....can someone tip gsmarena about this link...

  • instinct

can't wait this should be the best phone 2014

  • AnonD-237762

lol the front camera is better than back!!

  • AnonD-126679

English Translation of German Video (with info about Sense 6.0 on M7): .

Your welcome.

  • AnonD-126679

Cool Info: It has a 2D Screen but if you take a Photo and enable the "3D-Effect" then when you tilt the Phone it recalculates the Photo's contents and displays a new Photo.

The 2D Screen works like a 3D Screen without Glasses (you can see it in the Video below at time ~ 09:00).

  • AnonD-126679

HTC One M8 Kurztest Deutsch 1080p (Hands on) by anonanon301­-m8-kurztest-deutsch-1080p-hands-on_tech

Translation: A 14 minute long hands on Review of the HTC M8 (in German).

  • AnonD-126679

shaji, 24 Mar 2014when the release date uae ?> when the release date UAE ?

No official announcement that I am aware of.

You might be able to buy it Online, somewhere, in a few days, but make certain that the LTE / WiFi is compatible with your Country (or do without LTE / WiFi).

Also be aware of any Laws in your Country regarding output power, encryption, even Apps. (EG: Twitter is banned in Turkey).

It is _likely_ best to wait until your Carrier gets it (or there is another Carrier that you are willing to switch to). Then you can get a deal.

Waiting a bit longer may be difficult for some, but just think how well your HTC M7 still works !

The actual wait time is likely to be equal or slightly less than the amount of time from the release date of the M7 until your Carrier offered it (from one to three months, and six months for those who are last).