HTC One A9

HTC One A9

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  • Juan NG

Its ok about the battery nowadays! People started holding their iphone on 1 hand connected to the battery charger on the other hand! learn from it android phones! ^__^

  • AnonD-124540

Why cant all understand, this is not a FLAGSHIP device its mid range, and M series will continue to be flagship, so dualspeakers etc will be on next year m10.

  • AnonD-147044

"HTC One A9 is powered by a 2,150 mAh non-removable Li-Ion battery, which looks about right for a 5" device. "
Seriously? Nexus 5 is a 5 inch device and has a 2300mah battery and everyone complained about how small that was for a device like that. 2150 is ridiculously small and the web browsing time is abysmal. The only thing that stands out about this phone is its design.

  • Rinku

Bars, 28 Oct 2015For the people who say that A9 inspired by iPhone Design or... moreYeh i go with you bro
I use m8 its very nicee device even better then i6
Even apple and samsung users gets jealous of htc design and sound quality

  • AnonD-460535

I was a big HTC fan until this device came.
No originality whatsoever, HTC once had unique designs for their phones, and now they're just trying to recreate name for themselves with a controversial design like this. I am aware that the M7 came before the design of the iPhone 6, but the A9 looks way too similar to the iPhone. Also, no Boomsound speakers which was one of the trademarks of the HTC lineup, and a horribly small battery makes this device a no-go. What were they thinking, announcing this as their flagship device? Well, at least there's a microSD card, you can't take that for granted in these days.

  • jack

battery ........^##*

  • AnonD-262250

HTC phones will not sell if they keep on failing to put proper battery, proper camera & proper price... HTC was doing quite well in 2013 & 2014... but don't know what is happening to them this year... I used to be HTC fan (still using M7 & E8) & I'm sad to see them like this...


Ops! the battery will make this phone priceless.

  • AnonD-452988

from $214 Desire 816-$175 One Mini M4-$215 OneM7.....this beauty A9 should be in $320-390 range

  • AnonD-440645

Please confirm whether it has notification led for messages ,charging .

Complete tragedy... Performance and battery both suck. Who will pay $500 for this?

  • Vins

AnonD-377325, 28 Oct 2015I loved it when daily star said, has htc made their biggest... moreNah is the chippset.
The snapdragon 600 series is never was a energy efficient.
We dont know about the super amoled display. Maybe isnt the last gen diament pentle like the s6.
After the resuls of the battery live test seems that my S3 neo gor better life time.

  • Bars

For the people who say that A9 inspired by iPhone Design or copycat or just throw some words which they dont even think before they speak or too blind to see or totally Clueless!
1. Antenna Strips over the back? TOO OBVIOUS!!! just look at One M7 (2013)
2. Flat Back? just look at Desire series!
3. 2.5D curved edge front cover glass?HTC Droid DNA (end of 2011) Hello???
4. Circular Camera??? look at M7 / M8
5.Circular flash? look at M7 once more
6.Dual tone flash? M8 maybe?
Guys! Why we dont think before speak?

  • Dainiuxas

What can I say, mix of the iphone and samsung,

  • Anonymous

i think the spec looks good until i see the battery just 2150mAh ...

  • AnonD-377325

I loved it when daily star said, has htc made their biggest mistake yet, well 1080p screen and 2150 battery, no matter what anyone says on this battery screen on time will not be more than one and half hour thank you htc you're doomed and no one else is to blame

Virgin, 28 Oct 2015Who copied who? Looks like an iPhone 6/6SNah.. looks like an 3rd gen. iPod touch..

  • Anonymous

Virgin, 28 Oct 2015Who copied who? Looks like an iPhone 6/6SHTC M series were much before than iphone 6, so if Apple didn't time travelled then Apple copied from HTC as usual.
They copying everything as innovation, actually this is stealovation but rebranded by apple.

  • Soc

Virgin, 28 Oct 2015Who copied who? Looks like an iPhone 6/6SPlease check out HTC One M7

  • Anonymous

b, 28 Oct 2015Is this a dual-sim phone? Few websites say its a dual-sim b... moresingle sim