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HTC One A9

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  • Lukas

Craig, 02 Nov 2015This phone should be worth no more than 125$ includedAccording to your comment iphone 6 price also be under $125. Because you can feel same comfort with A9 as iphone 6. On the other hand, A9 is ahead from iphone 6 in terms of build quality, sound quality and definitely user interface (HTC Sense 7).

Jewel, 30 Oct 2015Screen size not a good factor for battery drain. Screen resoluti... moreAgree the chipset is highly efficient amongst other things in the A9. Real nice design

I looked on the HTC Taiwan site. The A9 pic over the black rocks image is absolutely stunning. A gorgeous looking device I must say. Apple, Android, Amoled, Image stable, Power save, marshmallow, Geat cam.

  • AnonD-461729

Just seen info on the HTC Desire 828 and in comparison to A9 has 2800 battery and for those who like there music it has twin front stereo speakers + has Dolby and an FM radio for when you don't want to eat through your data or just want to listen to local radio in your area. This might just be a very good phone!

  • Craig

This phone should be worth no more than 125$ included

  • AnonD-456042

Check out instagram @stvdezign for a better design new concept phone compared to A9. It's called HTC One Dot series. Cooler & better! :p

  • HTC

What a great spec ification for the offered price....
If this continues in the coming years HTC itself will vanish from Smartphone Market.

They should understand the price range for such specification should not be more than 5/10....

  • Ferakles

Confusing device, it tries to get the attention of both iPhone and Android users, but I think it will fail with both.
It has some interesting features, but screen to body ratio and battery are complete fails.
Also, HTC can make elegant phones even with a removable battery. They should do that.
That's the way to become the real HTC again.

Michael Ryan, 30 Oct 2015What ever idiotic manager signed off this device with a paltry 2... moreHTC sacrificed the battery life for the looks of the phone. I think HTC made this device with more focus on design rather than features.

Would be a good mid-range phone if the price was right. But its gonna flop badly because of it. AND the battery..
Sadly, this is the end of HTC in my eyes. They gotta stop this ONE nonsense and their constant saturation of the phone market with minor upgrade models.Their whole range of models is a mess of epic proportions.

Throw out all the stuff they are doing and start over. Stick to one or two models and keep improving on those. This is what they said when they released M7, but it was all a lie.

  • Michael Ryan

What ever idiotic manager signed off this device with a paltry 2,150 mAh battery needs to be sectioned. Just having basic maths would've screamed out lousy everything times.

Web browsing times at under 5h30 was a joke 3 years ago, let alone late 2015. Way back when, I used to own the superbly built HTC Legend, the reason I switched to Samsung (And am on the 4th Samsung flagship since then) was the far superior battery life! HTC sucked, disappointingly, even then 😢

  • rossilcfc1993

this is what would happen if samung and apple made a baby together, but this just looks horrible,

  • Sazal

AnonD-147044, 29 Oct 2015"HTC One A9 is powered by a 2,150 mAh non-removable Li-Ion batte... more2150 is good enough for A9 than Nexus 5. Because A9 uses SD617 chipset which is power efficient and Nexus 5 uses SD800 chipset which requires more power than SD617. The talk time, web browsing & stand by times of A9 will be more than Nexus 5 though its uses less battery because it takes less power for processing..

  • Jewel

AnonD-147044, 29 Oct 2015"HTC One A9 is powered by a 2,150 mAh non-removable Li-Ion batte... moreScreen size not a good factor for battery drain. Screen resolution and chipset is the factor who drain the battery first. Please see the possessor clock speed of A9 (1.5ghz) and the nexus 5 (2.3). A9 uses power efficient SD617 where as Nexus uses power hungry SD800 chipset. Understand?

  • AnonD-460888

AnonD-460535, 29 Oct 2015I was a big HTC fan until this device came. No originality wha... moretrue that bro

  • Juan NG

Its ok about the battery nowadays! People started holding their iphone on 1 hand connected to the battery charger on the other hand! learn from it android phones! ^__^

  • AnonD-124540

Why cant all understand, this is not a FLAGSHIP device its mid range, and M series will continue to be flagship, so dualspeakers etc will be on next year m10.

  • AnonD-147044

"HTC One A9 is powered by a 2,150 mAh non-removable Li-Ion battery, which looks about right for a 5" device. "
Seriously? Nexus 5 is a 5 inch device and has a 2300mah battery and everyone complained about how small that was for a device like that. 2150 is ridiculously small and the web browsing time is abysmal. The only thing that stands out about this phone is its design.

  • Rinku

Bars, 28 Oct 2015For the people who say that A9 inspired by iPhone Design or copy... moreYeh i go with you bro
I use m8 its very nicee device even better then i6
Even apple and samsung users gets jealous of htc design and sound quality

  • AnonD-460535

I was a big HTC fan until this device came.
No originality whatsoever, HTC once had unique designs for their phones, and now they're just trying to recreate name for themselves with a controversial design like this. I am aware that the M7 came before the design of the iPhone 6, but the A9 looks way too similar to the iPhone. Also, no Boomsound speakers which was one of the trademarks of the HTC lineup, and a horribly small battery makes this device a no-go. What were they thinking, announcing this as their flagship device? Well, at least there's a microSD card, you can't take that for granted in these days.