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  • kalai

everybody tellin a good review about this fone... but i need to know wthr 16gb s fully for media storage or the os takes some space... pls somebody tell me....

  • Amid Prasad Sahu

This is an Excellent Phone. After a month. The phone is behaving as expected. The 1.7 dual core and 1gb Ram is very fast and the battery life is also good. With continous GPRS it stays good for 36hrs

  • O.o

AnonD-78653, 19 Nov 2012HTC One S or Sony Xperia T? Could someone help me?I would go for One S, same processor, same version of android.

the only thing is T got 720P screen and S got qHD..

both with get JB update for sure.

  • murthy80

What a Device which i ever seen so far. Excellent Handset, Great Display, High performance, U can blindly go for this.

Only one disadvantage no SD Card Slot.

Even though u can, Extra Ordinary device

  • Kalai

I'm new to android os... i need to know about the memory for the media storage. is 16gb fully for media storage???? Pls reply soon...

  • AnonD-78653

HTC One S or Sony Xperia T?
Could someone help me?

  • Anonymous

Sony Xperia T or HTC One S?
Does someone help me?

  • adrsta

This phone is great. Using it for the past three months.
Two small issues - the playback audio quality could be better - the sound from the speakers is way too low and..
HTC should have provided an external memory card slot.

  • AnonD-78309

king, 17 Nov 2012which one is better.? galaxy s2 or htc one s.??one s easy win

  • saksham

hey y'all...jst wnted to know if it iz upgradable to jellybean or nt???...if yes then plz do also tell me how d device is performin....especially d s3 chip version....thnx...

  • king

Clarko, 15 Nov 2012ahahah!! :D hello there!! Just some question about phones :D... morewhich one is better.?
galaxy s2 or htc one s.??

  • Clarko

ahahah!! :D hello there!!

Just some question about phones :D

which is better? the snapdragon S3 processor clocked at 1.7ghz or TI OMAP 4460 clocked at 1.2ghz?

WHich is better? HTC One S with a snapdragon S3 processor (1.7ghz) or Galaxy Nexus(1.2ghz)?

Which is a better package? which one will You chose?
Which one will have a longer lifespan? Which is faster?
and lastly Which one should i buy? :D

Thanks for every thing! :D

  • clarkowen21

Which one is better? Htc one s with a 1.7ghz s3 processor or the galaxy nexus?! Tell me please!

  • dre

HasKan, 08 Nov 2012Does this phone have battery problems or short battery life ?I left my music player running for three hours in my car while I was working and still had 95% battery life at coffee break lol I used to use battery packs for my iPhone but I charge my HTC One S once a day while I'm sleeping and that's enough.

  • Anonymous

I wana know about its battery life, web site say better than galaxy nexus . although nexus has 18hr talk time and htc has 10:30hr talk time

  • hamza

Hey guys i want to ask 2 ques whether i should buy one s or gs2?
Nd 2nd how can i check whether it(htc one s) has adreno 220 or 225? ?

  • Sophia

HTC One S or SV??? What do y'all think? Thanks guys!

  • Anonymous

Dropped it from 2 feet onto a wooden floor and I've now got a crack in the corner of the screen.

I understand gorilla glass is only scratch resistant, but a 2 foot drop shouldn't crack any screen IMO.

  • Anonymous

Dipen, 12 Nov 2012Hy which mobile is best between samsung galaxy s2 & HTC one ... moreDude go for it! Its awesome! :)

  • kats

I just love the way it works big up