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  • kitkat

Dislike that there is 160 character limit in texting - is there a way to change this??

  • NeoSSX

jlatitu, 10 Nov 2012This phone is just one of the best the only one better is the ga... moreThe Xiaomi mi-2 or the LG Google Nexus 4 will both be better than the HTC One S (I would get them if I didn't have the One S myself...)

  • digi_bwn_india

One S is an awesome fone. Dont beleive in negative comments. They do not use it at all. I am using it for last 5 days. I was a fan of NOKIA, but beleive that NOKIA is far behind of this set.

  • jlatitu

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2012What should I buy Xperia SL or SGS 2 or HTC One S(India version ... moreThis phone is just one of the best the only one better is the galaxy3
But is to big so I got this one 4 months a go and don't have any
Problems .

  • blossoms5

Ajay, 09 Nov 2012Wonderful phone.... You would have no regrets at allhii... I would like to know abt HTC one S esp battery back up...
Thank you

  • paul

would buy this phone if had bigger battery and worried about reception issues

  • tech_amateur

crack-core, 03 Nov 2012I think you need to know that One S is coming with two chipsets ... moreSince the S4 version is not available in India yet, where can I buy it online?

  • Ajay

Wonderful phone....
You would have no regrets at all

  • Anonymous

What should I buy Xperia SL or SGS 2 or HTC One S(India version 1.7 ghz s3)

  • mr.drizzy

fede, 04 Nov 2012Stay away from this phone. First, it comes with two different c... moreWhat other phone do u use

  • HasKan

Does this phone have battery problems or short battery life ?

  • pp

Gr8 phone by HTC feels really good in hand one of the best phone good performance with killinglooks thanx HTC

  • bambino

Hai guys.One s is very good phone,but could be the best
if it had and LTE networks.Anyway if someone knows whow mbps is HSDPA pls let me know becouse i can't find it.

  • deb

can any one suggest the battery life and camera quality of this phone

  • jack

Forget about S3,OneX,Note2 This phone make logic sense with the size and performance that beat them all. This phone is awesome!!

  • Nimmy

Awesome phone, gonna buy it soon.................

  • Khuramjd

I am using it. Perfect Smartphone. I m looking for its Stylus. Hope I find it out in the market! Anyhow recommended for the smartphone lovers !

  • Anonymous

this is htc's slimmest phone and it is super awesome... it has a super camera and doesnt lag... plus jelly bean is comming soon... keep calm and buy it....
the only thing is its a bit slippery on hand so ull need a good cover with it..

  • RajeshRaj

i wil take this soon so i like very much

  • Anonymous

does htc one s support usb otg(on the go)....plz guys reply!!!